Werewolves and Demigods

Werewolves meet Demigods.


4. Capture the Flag!

The next morning; I slept in the Ares cabin, but I'm not very welcomed there. I get up and go outside to practice some karate and do some stretches. I don't even see Chiron walk up. "Zoe." he says. I jump nearly ten feet in the air. I bow and then say, "Chiron.". He says, "Good work on killing the Minotaur yesterday and saving the head of the Hermes cabin.".

"Thank you.". Chiron says, "Luke's better and he wants to talk to you." then an Apollo cabin member runs up to me and hands me battle armor and a blue long sleeve shirt. I go back in the cabin and quickly change. When I walk out I see Luke has joined Chiron. Luke says, "We're playing capture the flag today. I personally picked you for the blue team even though Ares' cabin is on the red team.".

Later in a clearing.

Chiron speaks, "Today we ar going to play capture the flag. You know the rules." then he points at me and I walk forward, "This is Zoe Nightwolf, she our newest member to the Ares cabin. Make her feel welcome here." to me he asks, "Do you have a helmet?". I shake my head no. Luke shouts at no one in particular, "If you have an extra helmet, please pass it up.". Luke hands me the helmet and I put it on. In the woods; The blues and reds begin fighting, Luke,  Annabeth,  Percy, Piper, Jason and myself make our way to the flag. Luke and the others hold some of the reds back so I can search for the flag. I stop at the creek and take a drank of water.

On the second time I'm bringing my hand to my mouth I look up and see the flag. I get up and run through the water. I'm about to grab it when I hear, "This is almost too easy.". It's my cabin mate Clarisse. I draw my katana, taking a defensive stance and say, "Bring it.". Our sword clash, that's when I feel the first cut. I grimace in pain, but I continue. Two, three, four, about six slashes later I'm kneeling on the ground. Clarisse gloats and then begins to walk away. While kneeling I close my eyes and "take a knee"; I'm hurt, there's a bunch of reds and blues around us now, including Chiron and Grover watching.

My eyes are still closed when I hear someone say, "Get up, Zoe. Clarisse thinks she has you finished, she doesn't, by taking this knee, your strength is renewed.". I whisper, "Thanks, Dad." then open my eyes and stand up. I hear gasps as I say, "This ain't over, Clarisse.". "I thought I had you pinned down, Street Rat!" she yells. What I say next surprises me and everyone around me, "Never underestimate a daughter of Ares.".

I charge at Clarisse, and once more our swords clash. With my renewed strength and awareness I easily break her sword in two, then two more from Ares' cabin try to take me down. I break their swords too. Everyone else from the red team backs away as I take the flag and it turns blue. Then not realizing how much blood I've lost I collapse. I wake up in the infirmary about two hours later. I sit up on the cot and look around; there are people everywhere from the Capture the flag, and some that were hurt training. I hear Luke say, "Thanks to you we won capture the flag. You've humiliated Clarisse, and well Chiron wants to see you. I'm off  on a quest so I won't be around.".  I walk to the Big House to meet Chiron.

"Sir, you wanted to see me?" I ask.

"With Luke being gone, and no one to look after Hermes' cabin,  I need you to watch after them. I don't know if they'll accpet you being that you're from Ares' cabin, but if you tell them that you know Luke, then we'll see about that.".

"Is that all, Sir?".

"For now.".

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