Werewolves and Demigods

Werewolves meet Demigods.


3. Camp Half Blood

Annabeth, Percy, Jason and Piper converse among themselves, I pick up on "Daughter of Ares", "Why did Luke personally come get her", and "Hey, I think she's listening to us".  Percy and Jason come over to get Luke up and carry him when I say, "No, I can do it.". I help Luke stand and put his left arm around my neck.

"You know we have to walk like, five miles, to get to the camp." Percy says. I look him dead in the eyes and say, "You're lying, Percy.".

"Okay, so I lied. How are you going to get both of you back?". We're about three miles out from the house, and I know Jax has let Rainbow out of her stall (Even though my family lives near the city we have a farm), so I let out a loud whinny. I glance at Percy who's making the crazy symbol, twirling his finger around in circles, and then see his expression change when a black mare comes trotting up to us. "Hey girl." I say to the horse. I

hear Percy whisper to Annabeth, "She speaks horse?". I laugh and say, "No, Percy, I don't speak horse, I just talk to them. I've had Rainbow since I was five and she was a foal.". Jason helps me get Luke on Rainbow's back and then I step back a few feet, run then jump on her back. Luke's still unconcious so I have to hold him to make sure he doesn't fall off and then to Rainbow I say in Spainish, "Ejecutar.".

Rainbow takes off running leaving the others having trouble to catch up, then I see a Pegasus and a horse that looks to be made out of lightning. Annabeth shouts from the back of the Pegasus, "This is Blackjack and the other is the wind spirit Tempest!".

"Wanna race?!" I shout to Percy then to Jason. Rainbow, Blackjack and Tempest pick up speed, and I'm surprised none of the people from Manhattan can see six teenagers riding horses speeding through the streets. We reach the forrest and the camp. The sign's written in Greek but I can read it; Camp Half Blood.

I slide off Rainbow's back and with the help of Jason I get Luke down. I ask for directions to the infirmary, but no one gives me an answer. Annabeth comes over and says, "They're just shocked to see Luke like this, but come I'll show ya.". About three hours later Luke wakes up. "What happened?".

I tell him, "We were leaving my house when we both heard a Minotaur. We made it to a river beside one of the roads leading to Manhattan, the Minotaur attacked and left you unconscious. I fought and killed the Minotaur, that's when Percy, Annabeth, Piper and Jason found us. Oh and we rode my horse to get here.".


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