Me and Neville: Year 7

Neville has never been popular. But neither has Taylor Renee Thompson. In Hogwarts, the battle is brewing. Taylor and Neville discover their love for each other and hope to make it to the end of the war between good and evil
(Rated Y-Yellow for romance)


5. Telling Friends

Neville grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. I watched as the door became invisible. Turning around, Neville kissed me and told me to follow him. Not asking why I ran after him. We got out into the grassy courtyard by Hagrid's Hut where I met Neville. He abruptly stopped and it looked like he did that on purpose. I crashed head-on into him and we both came falling down onto the fertile ground that was beginning to sprout flowers. I scooted closer to Neville and grabbed his hand and he said

"Would you mind if we went to see my friends? Or at least try to with all this chaos."

I had kind of forgotten that a war was going on. I nodded and got up. We weaved our way through the crowd and made it to the great hall, still acting like a hospital for the students, and saw Seamus Finnagan, Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood standing near the middle talking. We walked up and said hi. I hugged Luna, who was my best friend.

"Luna, I missed you!" I said.

"Me too. Neville, it's great to see you too. Is Taylor your friend?" She said in the dreamy voice she always used.

I giggled. Has Neville seriously not told his good friends?

"Well, um, I forget to tell you that, um, me and Taylor, er, we." Neville tried to spit it out.

"Enough! I'll tell 'em the truth." I said.

I wanted to be visual so I went close to Neville and said

"We are a couple now!" I said smiling. Their faces lit up. Each of the girls squealed and hugged me. Seamus has always been my best friend so he hugged me too. He kissed me on the cheek and said congrats. The truth was that me and Seamus had gone out with each other for 3 years. We split because of his mum. Her opinions drove us apart.

"Excuse me, but Neville and Seamus, I have a task for you." A voice said behind me. It was Professor McGonnagal.

"Yea, McGonnagal? What is it?" Seamus asked.

"I need you and Mr. Longbottom to blow up the wooden bridge."

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