Me and Neville: Year 7

Neville has never been popular. But neither has Taylor Renee Thompson. In Hogwarts, the battle is brewing. Taylor and Neville discover their love for each other and hope to make it to the end of the war between good and evil
(Rated Y-Yellow for romance)


2. Taylor's Rescue

Towers' falling, teachers bawling, spells flying, students dying. That's what I see, and it's not pretty. Also it is very tiring running from all the death eaters. Dodging spells and staying hidden can be difficult. I had 3 death eaters chasing me through the castle and onto the outside land, near Hagrid's Hut. I trip on a log and fall onto the ground face first. Behind me I heard a death eater laugh.

"We got 'er now!" One said.

"Grab her and tie her up!" A booming voice ordered.

I felt hands grab me and pick me up. They tied a cloth around my mouth so I couldn't yell and they tied up my feet and arms. They threw me on the ground and started discussing their plans. Fortunately they didn't cover my ears.

"So, the plan is that we're going to interrogate the girl. She have to answer, or we'll kill her!" What sounded like the leader said.

"Alright, boss." The rest said.

One came over and took off the cloth on my mouth. First he slapped me, apparently making sure I was awake and focused.

"Listen, you are going to answer these, OR ELSE!" He said.

"Or else what?" I asked intimidatingly.

He scowled. He began pulling out his wand to kill me when a voice came out of nowhere.

"STOP!!!!" It yelled. The voice sounded like a boy student, probably my year. All the death eaters stopped what they were doing and turned. Sure enough, a student in Gryffindor uniform came running towards us. He ordered the death eaters to release me, they of course refused. He jinxed or hexed them all, scooped me up in his arms, and took me to a discreet place. He lay me down on the floor. Instead of running away, he treated my wounds the best he could. I noticed that some of his face was bruised, and I asked about them.

"No I'm fine." The boy told me. He pulled out some bandages and wrapped my cut wrist and legs. He was such a great doctor. As soon as he finished, he helped me up to test if I could walk. I immediately almost fell, so he helped me down to rest. I still didn't know his name, so I asked.

"What's your name?" I croaked. My voice was scratchy from all going on.

"I'm Neville Longbottom. I'm sure you've met most of my friends, like Harry Potter and Ron Weasley."

"Only briefly." I told him.

The wind started howling and I shivered. Neville was only wearing his uniform, so he had nothing to give me. He just sat right next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder so we could stay warm. I fell asleep on his shoulder, and he stayed watch.

Sorry about the long chapter! Hope you like it!

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