Don't Look Back (OC/HP Student)

Cassidy Elms is the daughter of two members from the Order of the Phoenix. When James and Lily go into hiding from Voldemort, Death Eaters attack Cassidy's home, killing her grandparents. Marcus, Cassidy's uncle escapes with Cassidy and her older brother Rory. Marcus couldn't grab Bethany, Cassidy's twin. Marcus leaves Rory and Cassidy in the field and returns to the home, but when he gets there. No one was left. Charlie Weasley finds the two children in the field and takes them home. Cassidy, Marcus, Rory and the Weasleys all become friends. 10 years go by, one day while getting her wand, she meets him. The boy who lives. Cassidy is on her way to Hogwarts with her friends, Ron, Fred, George and Percy and Harry.


4. Troll In the Dungeon!

 I stand from the table and wait for Seamus.  Seamus stands from the table and we walk outside. I stand next to Seamus in the line.

A minute later an older woman comes down the line. She has short hair and hawk yellow eyes.

"Good afternoon, class. I am Madam Hooch."

"Good afternoon, Madam Hooch." The Gryiffindors say in unison.

I glance over at Seamus is staring at me. I smile and he looks away.

"Welcome to your very first flying lesson. Well, what are you waiting for? Everyone step up to the left side of their broomstick. Come on now, hurry up. Stick your right hand over the broom and say, Up!"

Everyone steps up to their broom and sticks out their right hand. "Up!" Everyone says

Harry's broom flies into his hand.

Draco looks at his broom stick, "Up!" The broomstick flies up and Draco smugly grins.

Hooch groans, "You have to say it with feeling!"

Hermione sighs, "Up. Up. Up. Up."

"Up!" Ron says. His broom flies up and conks him on the nose "Ow!"

Harry laughs.

"Shut up, Harry." Ron says rubbing his nose.

I look at my broomstick, "Up." I say.  The broom stays on the ground.  I sigh and look at Seamus who has his broom in hand. "Up." I say firmly. The broom flies up and I catch it.

"Now, once you've got hold of your broom, I want you to mount it. And grip it tight, you don't want to be sliding off the end."

Everyone in the class mounts their broom.

"When I blow my whistle, I want each of you to kick off from the ground, hard. Keep your broom steady, hover for a moment, and then lean forward slightly and touch back down. On my whistle...3...2..." She tweets her whistle.

Neville immediately lifts off.  Neville squeels, "Oh."

Hooch gasps, "Mr. Longbottom."

Hermione gasps, "Neville, what are you doing?"

Students start shouting, "Neville...Neville..."

"We're not supposed to take off, yet." Seamus yells.

Neville begins soaring away

"M-M-Mr. Longbottom Mr. Longbottom!" Hooch yells

"Neville!" I yell.

Neville starts screaming as he soars away, "Down! Down! Ahhhh! Help!"

"Come back down this instant!" Hooch yells in an authoritative voice

We all watch as he soars through the sky and hits a wall, conking along it and then swooping off. All the while, he is screaming. He begins to zoom back towards us. Hooch holds out her wand to stop him.

"Help!" Neville screams.

Neville approaches. Everyone scatters and Hooch dives out of the way. Neville goes through the scatter and up a tower. "Ahhhh! Whoa! Ahhh!" He zooms past a statue of a man with a sharp spear. Neville's cloak catches on it. He is flipped off the broom and hangs there. "Oh.!" He wavers, then the cloak rips, and he falls, catching on a torch, but then slipping out and falling to the ground.

Hooch runs through the group surrounding Neville, "Everyone out of the way!" She yells as the students move. "Come on, get up."

Hooch clucks her tongue, "Oh, oh, oh, oh dear. It's a broken wrist. Tch, tch, tch. Good boy, come on now, up you get."

I stand up and help Seamus up.  I look over at Kara who nudges Draco.   Draco reaches down and grabs Neville's Remembrall, which has fallen.

Hooch begins to lead Neville away with her. "Everyone's to keep their feet firmly on the ground while I take Mr. Longbottom to the hospital wing. Understand? If I see a single broom in the air, the one riding it will find themselves out of Hogwarts before they can say, Quidditch." Madam Hooch and Neville leave.

Draco looks at Kara and snickers "Did you see his face? Maybe if the fat lump had given this a squeeze, he'd have remembered to fall on his fat ass."

Harry steps forward, "Give it here, Malfoy."

Draco raises and eyebrow, "No. I think I'll leave it somewhere for Longbottom to find." He hops on broom and soars around the group. "How 'bout up on the roof?" Draco soars off and hovers high in the sky. "What's the matter, Potter? Bit beyond your reach?" Draco yells down.

Harry grabs his broom and runs to get on it. Hermione stops him, "Harry, no! You heard what Madam Hooch said! Besides, you don't even know how to fly."

Harry flies off.

"What an idiot." She mutters under breath as she walks over to me.  "Can you believe him?"

Harry is now in the air, across from Draco, "Give it here, Malfoy, or I'll knock you off your broom!"

Draco laughs, "Is that so?"

Harry makes a dash for him, but Draco twirls around his broom in a 360.

"Have it your way, then!" Draco throws the Remembrall into the air.

Harry zooms after the ball, speeding towards a tower. Just as he is about to hit a window, he catches it, and then heads back to the group. The Gryiffindor students all cheer and run to see him.

McGonagall appears quickly, "Harry Potter? Follow me." Harry sullenly follows her. I glare at the Slytherins as they all laugh. A few minutes later the bell signals for the final class.


I enter my final class of the day, I sit next to Seamus who I've been flirting with.  Professor Flitwick stands up on a stool, "One of a wizard's most rudimentary skills is levitation the ability to make objects fly. Uh, do you all have your feathers?"

Hermione raises hers.

"Good. Now, uh, don't forget the nice wrist movement we've been practicing, hmm? The swish and flick. Everyone. The swish and flick. Good. And enunciate. Wingardium Leviosa. Off you go then."

I hear Draco's voice, "Wingardium Levio-saaa."

Everyone begins to practice.

Ron whacks the feather with his wand numerous times, "Wingardrium Leviosar."

I hear Kara sigh, "Professor is this really needed? If you can't manage to perform basic spells then there is something obviously wrong."

Ron sneers at Kara, "You do it then if you're so clever. Go on."

Hermione nudges him and whispers, "That is Kara Peters. Everyone in her family who's taken the N.E.W.T test has had top grades on them. She comes from a highly intelligent,strict judgmenal rude family. Although she is intelligent and beautiful, she dislikes being alone and she feels like she has to be intimidating. She's selfish, self concious, dangerously obsessive, and emotionally abused by her parents. Thus her need to be constantly praised. She probably has depression."

Ron glances at Kara and then back to Hermioine, "How do you know all of this?"

She sighs, "Observation."

Dean leans forward, "She is beautiful, and she's got herself a temper."

Kara sits up and swish her wand. "Wingardium Leviosa." The feather glows and lifts up. Kara looks at Ron.

Ron puts his head on his books dejectedly.

Flitwick claps his hands, "Oh, well done! See here, everyone! Ms. Peter's done it! Oh, splendid! Not that I would expect less from any of the Peters"

Seamus begins swishing at his feather. "Wingard Levosa. Wingard Levosa."

Flitwick turns to Kara, "Well done, dear."

Seamus' feather explodes. Flitwick gasps.

"I think we're going to need another feather over here, Professor." Harry says with a laugh.

Seamus looks at me.  I smile, "You got a little something on your face."

Thee class goes by and the bell finally chimes. I grab my stuff and see Goyle stand behind Kara. "Blimey Gregory, you are too quiet." I hear Kara say. 

"You coming Cass?" Seamus asks grinning. 

I nod and walk over, "I didn't know that moron knew how to talk." I say with a laugh. 

We begin to walk when we hear Goyle say,  "Let me carry your stuff. You didn't let me carry your stuff here so hand it over. Plus a beautiful girl like you shouldn't have to carry things." Goyle says motioning for Kara to hand him her stuff.

Ron snickers as we walk by, "A beautiful girl like you shouldn't carry things." He mimics in a lower voice.

Seamus and I laugh.

Goyle walks up and grabs Ron's shirt, "Listen here you mudblood lov-"

I go to shove Goyle, but Seamus holds me back.

Kara walks up, "Gregory it's fine, you walk ahead, I will speak to this pathetic excuse of a wizard."

Goyle opens his mouth to protest. Kara gives  him a look. He nods and lets go of Ron and walks off grumbling.

"That's right you ugly ape man!" I yell.  I see him waiting a couple yards away.

"You owe me. I am risking a lot right now. He would have beat the bloody hell out of you." Kara says glaring at us.

"Thanks." Ron says with a squeak.  Seamus pulls on my hand gently and we three take off running.  We run into the Great Hall.  Seamus and I sit together. 

Dumbledore rises from the main table, "Enjoy your meal and Happy Halloween." 

"I totally forgot about Halloween." I say looking at Seamus.

We begin eating.

"Where's Hermione?" Harry asks

"Parvati Patil said that she wouldn't come out of the girl's bathroom. She said that she'd been in there all afternoon crying."

Ron and Harry exchange glances. Suddenly, Professor Quirrell comes flying into the room, screaming.  "TROLL! IN THE DUNGEON! T-TROOLLL IN THE DUNGEON!! "  He stops and there is utter silence.  "Thought you ought to know. He falls over in a dead faint.

The room is silent, and then everyone freaks, screaming and running.

"SILLLLLEEENNNNCEEEEE!"  Dumbledore booms and everyone stops. "Everyone will please, not panic. Now, Prefects will lead their houses back to the dormitories. Teachers will follow me to the dungeons."

I look at Seamus.  "Gryffindors follow me." Percy says loudly leading us out of the Great Hall and down a hall.  "Gryffindors...keep up please. And stay alert!" Percy says loudly.

I look at Seamus with a scared look.  Once we make it to the Gryffindor Common Room everyone except a few Gryffindor girls, Seamus, Percy, Fred and George, Oliver, and Lee go to their room.

"Hey how about a game of 7 minutes in heaven." An older Gryffindor girl suggests.

Oliver and Lee look at each other, "Definitely." They say grinning at each other.

Fred and George grin, "Sounds like a plan to us." They say together.

I shrug, "I'm game."

Seamus nods his head quickly.

"Percy are you going to play?"  I ask.

"Absolutely not." He says with a dignified tone.

"Don't be such a prat Percy." Fred says with a smirk.

"Fine." Percy grabs a bucket.  "Go get one item and place it into the bucket."

I go into my room and grab a pink bracelet off my dresser and come down stairs. I walk up to the bucket and place my bracelet in it.

"Alright elders first." Percy states.  After the older students have gone, Percy clears his throat, "The only two left are Cassidy and Seamus so you two are automatically partnered  together."  Seamus and I stand up and walk into the broom closet.

"Hi Seamus" I say barely making out his face.  I take out my wand, "Lumos." I say quietly.  My wand tip begins to glow.

"Woah." Seamus says in amazement.  "So, uh, what do you want to talk about?" 

I smile, "I don't care."

After a few minutes in silence, Seamus gulps and get a closer to me.  He leans in and presses his lips against mine. 

I kiss him back.  After a minute I pull away.  "Woah.  That was nice."  I laugh. 

Fred opens the door, "Times up."

Right as we walk out Hermione, Harry and Ron walk in.  Hermione walks up to our room. 

"Night." I say running up the stairs. I walk over to Hermione, "Where did you guys come from?" I ask changing into sweat pants.

Hermione explains the whole story.

"Woah.  Well night." 

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