Don't Look Back (OC/HP Student)

Cassidy Elms is the daughter of two members from the Order of the Phoenix. When James and Lily go into hiding from Voldemort, Death Eaters attack Cassidy's home, killing her grandparents. Marcus, Cassidy's uncle escapes with Cassidy and her older brother Rory. Marcus couldn't grab Bethany, Cassidy's twin. Marcus leaves Rory and Cassidy in the field and returns to the home, but when he gets there. No one was left. Charlie Weasley finds the two children in the field and takes them home. Cassidy, Marcus, Rory and the Weasleys all become friends. 10 years go by, one day while getting her wand, she meets him. The boy who lives. Cassidy is on her way to Hogwarts with her friends, Ron, Fred, George and Percy and Harry.


1. See You at the Station

"Hurry up Cassidy!"  George yells.

"You better run faster than that!" Fred yells with a laugh.

"I am running as fast as I can!" I yell struggling to keep up with the twins.

I can hear dogs barking and their paws hitting the ground. 

"Get ready to jump Cassidy!" Fred yells as he and George jump over the fence.  I push myself off the white fence barely making it over the fence.

They finally slow down once they make it to the Burrow. 

"Come on Cass we haven't gotten all day you know?"  Fred yells

"Yeah, Cass!" George yells.

Fred, George and I walk into the Burrow, "Mum!  Cass is here!" Fred yells.  Fred and George pull up a seat for themselves and putting their feet on the table.

A plump redheaded woman comes down the stairs and walks up to me, "How have you been dear?" She asks pulling me into a hug.

I put my arms around the woman, "I've been good Mrs. Weasley, how about yourself?"

She releases me from the hug and smiles, "I have been good.  You are such a well mannered young woman.  Your parents would be proud."

I smile sadly, "I bet they would."

Fred and George stand from chair and hug me tightly.  "Mum, did Fred say Cassidy was- oh obviously he did."  I look over and see a boy with flaming red hair. 

I smile, "Hello Ron! How have you been?" I ask when the twins finally let me go.

Ron smiles, "Good.  Do you want to see my collectors card from the chocolate frogs?"

I grin, "Of course I do."  I turn towards Molly, "It was nice chatting with you Mrs. Weasley."

Ron and I run up the stairs to his room.  Once we're in his tiny room he shuts the door and we sit on his bed.  "I've been spying on mum, dad, Fred and Georges conversations lately and they've been about you."

"Me?" I ask, "Why have they been talking about me?"

"I don't know really, I only catch bits and parts.  Mum told the boys to keep an eye on you.  Dad told Fred to make sure no one lays a finger on you." Ron answers pulling out a box.

"I don't understand.  Why do I need to be kept an eye on and protected so badly?"  I ask as Ron hands me cards.  I begin to look through them.

"Not sure.  Have you got your stuff yet? There's only a week until we leave for Hogwarts."  Ron asks.

"No yet.  Uncle Marcus is supposed to take me today.  What about you?" 

Ron grins and nods, "I got my stuff.  They make exceptions for rats so Scabbers gets to go too." 

I smile, "That's good. I can't believe you've managed to get so many rare ones!" I say in amazement. 

Ron shows me his cards and half an hour later Fred opens the door, "Ron, mum wants you. Cassidy, want to come with me to the field?"

I nod, "Sure." I stand from the bed and turn to Ron, "I'll see you at the station!" 

Ron nods, "Sounds good mate."

I follow Fred down the stairs.

" Cass and I are going to hang out in the fields then I'm walking her home mum." Fred announces.

"Alright dear.  Just be careful." Molly answers kissing his cheek then mine.

Fred and I walk out of the Burrow.  A little ways out in the field Fred and I sit down.  Fred lays his head down on the soft grass.  I lay next to him.  "This is the very spot Bill found you and your brother.  You were just a baby."  Fred laughs, “Mum constantly reminds Percy that he asked if you two were our siblings.  Did you ever find out why you two were in the field?"

I nod and take in a deep breath, "That's the day my grand parents were murdered and my parents were tortured.  I didn't witness anything.  My uncle Marcus and Rory did though.  Uncle Marcus, he could only grab me and my brother.  He brought us into the field.  Uncle Marcus left us there and when he got back to the house, Bethany was gone, so I suspect they took her." 

Fred rolls over and looks at me. 

'It's now or never.' I think to myself.

"We should probably start heading to your house." Fred says standing up.  I nod and we begin heading towards my house.

"So I have a question, Fred."

"And that is?" Fred asks looking at me.

"Please don't get mad at Ron, but he listened in on you and Molly's conversation.  Why do you have to protect me?" I ask.

Fred smiles, "Don't worry about that, Cassidy." He answers.  "Are you excited about going to Hogwarts?"

I nod, "You're bloody right I am." 

"What house do you want to be in?  George and I are in Gryffindor.  They are known for bravery.   There is Hufflepuff, they are known for patience. Ravenclaw for wisdom.  Then there is Slytherin.  They're power hungry."

I think for a second, "I think I want to be in Gryffindor."

"Good choice.  We need someone like you." Fred says with a laugh.

"People are going to think I'm related to you guys." I say looking up at Fred.

"So? Let them.  They won't touch you." Fred says.

I laugh.  We finally reach my house after 30 minutes.  I turn to Fred, "Thanks for walking me home, Fred. I'm sorry we didn't get to hang out much."  

He rolls his eyes, "You're not just my friend Cassidy."  He smiles at me for a few seconds, "I better get back.  I will see you at the station Cassidy."  He takes off running.

I sigh, walk into the house, shut the door and walk into the kitchen where I see my uncle dancing to muggle music playing on the radio.  I raise in eyebrow, "Marcus, what on earth are you doing?"  

He turns around to face me, "I'm muggle dancing."  He says shaking his butt.  "Is this right?"  

I burst out laughing, "Have you gone mad, uncle Marcus?  That is a girl's dance."  

He stops shaking his butt and turns off the radio, "Well then.  Shall we go Diagon Alley, then?  Your brother is in his room, go tell him we're leaving"

I nod and walk to my brothers room open the door. "We're leaving now." I say quickly shutting the door.  

"Bring me back something!"  Rory yells.

I roll my eyes and Marcus and I go to Diagon Alley.  "I'll get your stuff while you go get your wand from Ollivanders Wand Shop across the street.  

I nod and turn around.  I feel someone run into me, I look up to see a boy with blonde hair and grey eyes and a man with long blonde hair with piercing grey eyes.  

Marcus helps me up, "Why don't you want where you're going Malfoy." Marcus says coldly.

"I don't move for those who don't deserve it." The man replies with an icy glare.

I brush myself off, "I'm sorry for not seeing you."

"Don't apologize to this man, Cassidy."  Marcus says taking my hand and leading me to Ollivanders.  We walk into the store.  There is one boy in there.  "It's wonderful to see you again Garrick."  Marcus says walking up to the counter.

"Merlin's Beard.  Is that Marcus Kings?"  The man asks.

My uncle smiles, "Indeed it is, This is my other niece Cassidy."  He says nodding towards me.  "I've got to go buy her stuff now, I won't be gone too long." Marcus smiles at me and leaves.

I smile, "It's nice to meet you."   I look at the boy who is staring at us.  I smile at him, "Are you going to Hogwarts too?"

The boy silently nods his head.  

I walk over to the boy, "My name is Cassidy Elms.  Oh! I see you've gotten your wand already!  What kind is it?"  I ask peering at his wand.

"It's an 11 inch Holly wood with a phoenix feather core."  He answers.  

"Fasinating!  What's your name anyway." I ask.

"Harry Potter." He says.

I gasp, "Harry Potter?  You're-  Do you have the scar?  May I see it?"

He he lifts up his bangs revealing the lightning bolt tattoo.  

There's a knock on the window, "Harry! Harry! Happy birthday Harry!" 

I turn and see a huge man holding a cage with a snowy white owl in it.

"Wow.  It was nice meeting you, Cassidy."  Harry leaves.

"We ought to get you your wand now, shouldn't we?" Mr. Ollivander asks.

I turn to the man and nod.

"It seems only yesterday that your mother, father and uncle were in here buying their first wands." He picks a wand.  "Ah. Here we are." I hold it in my hand and gently wave it at a book that is on a counter.   The book  falls off.  "Apparently not." He pulls out another wand which softly glows when I hold it.  "Aha!  Your wand is 12 inches, made from Oak and Kelpie hair."

I smile.  "Thank you!"  I pay for my wand and leave the shop.  I wait outside for a few minutes watching people pass by.

Marcus walks up.  "You ready to go?"  

I nod.

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