Too Late

Her whole life Skylar has always done as she's told, especially when it comes to a certain boy at school named Jason McCann. She's always been warned about this "bad boy" but what happenes when her life is put in danger and the only one who can save her is Jason? Will she back out and let her life end or will she cling to Jason? Read to find out!

Based of the lyrics to the song Too Late. Link to the video is attached!


6. Chapter 6

Don't know what side of this I'm on

These lines I'm stumbling upon

I can't see clear


I look up at Jason and know that I can trust him. I can tell him my life story and he won't judge me because his story can't be any better than mine. When I open my mouth to speak my eyes start to water. "Everything. Nothing is okay. My life is so messed up I could write a novel." Jason gave me a look as if telling me to explain what I meant and I know that there's no escaping it. I have to tell him. "My parents don't care about me. They're always at work and they never have any time for me. All my friends pity me because I don't have anyone at home who cares about me. When I was 15 I tried killing myself because I couldn't handle it. No one understood what I was going through and I was sure that there was no way it could ever get any better. I feel like I'm back in the place I was in when I was 15. No one needs me hereand no one would miss me if I was gone. I don't want to live anymore." Jason grabbed my face forcing me to make eye contact with him and stared at me for about 5 minutes to see if I was lying of not. I guess he could tell I wasn't becasue then he spoke in a very serious tone. "I need you Sky. I would miss you because I care about you. You do have people who care for you, everyone in this house cares. You have us and as far as I'm concerned that's all you need.

It's been about 20 minutes since Jason spoke and I looked down at my hands. I went into a deep thought and I guess I didn't notice that Jason had left the room, probably for a gang meeting that they have everyday. Now I'm ever more confused about what to do. Do I stay here and stay with Jason, or do I end my life and make my suffering go away? If I stay I put myself into danger by being at Jason's side, other gangs would come after me seeing me as Jason's weakness. If I end my life then I stop feeling bad for myself but I woukd cause Jason pain and he may end up hurt.

After a long time debating what I should do I think I've made up my mind. I now know that I'm going to....





Author's Note:

CLIFFHANGER!! hahaha, who knows what Skylar going to do... oh wait I do!:) If you want to know guess you just have to keep reading! comment below what you think she's going ton do!

sorry if this chapter sucks, I wrote it inbetween breaks at a diving competiton... I guess you could say that I have barely any time to write:(

ANYWAYS.......... I hate to do this but 5 likes for the next chapter, I need to make sure I have active readers.

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