Too Late

Her whole life Skylar has always done as she's told, especially when it comes to a certain boy at school named Jason McCann. She's always been warned about this "bad boy" but what happenes when her life is put in danger and the only one who can save her is Jason? Will she back out and let her life end or will she cling to Jason? Read to find out!

Based of the lyrics to the song Too Late. Link to the video is attached!


5. Chapter 5

The thrill of this pain

Still drives me insane

But I can't escape

I know it's too late


Tonight I'm supposed to stay at Jason's. He and I walk into my house so I can gather my things and before we walk out the door I leave a note for my parents saying I'll be at a friends house but I know the note is useless, my parents are never home and when they are they never notice me. When I'm done we walk out to the car and Jason puts my stuff in the trunk before sppeding off towards his house.

What I didn't notice before about Jason's place is that it's the "Gang House". Everyone who's a member stays here so it's always crazy busy with people doing something. I guess Jason called ahead of time because when we walk through the door all the boys are in the screening room waiting to meet me. I can only recignize 2 other boys from school so my guess is that the rest are older or have dropped out. They all seem really nice and are doing their best to make me feel at home but I miss my parents, I miss my house, and I miss my life before I got involved with Jason McCann. That night I stay in one of the guest rooms and end up crying myself to sleep. I can't stand the pain in my heart from wanting a different life. I just want to be normal agan.

When I wake up there's a pressure on my side that wasn't there before. When I turn around I see a familiar face. Jason. He must have come in while I was asleep. I stare at his face until he wake up and when he does I look away. I don't want him to see me like this but he grabbed below my chin and forces me to make eye contact with him. He looks me dead in the eyes and asks "What's the matter?" I freeze. What on earth am I supposed to tell him? Everything is wrong and I don't want this life anymore.


Author's Note:

I know it's been forever since I've updated but I've been crazy busy with diving. I just started year round elite diving so the little free time I have has gotten smaller. The good thing is that now I'm done with gymnastics so I still will have time to update!:)

I hope you enjoyed the chapter! I tried to make it longer:) Comment ideas for what Skylar should tell Jason! Don't forget to like, comment, become a fan, and favorite to see when I update next!


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