Too Late

Her whole life Skylar has always done as she's told, especially when it comes to a certain boy at school named Jason McCann. She's always been warned about this "bad boy" but what happenes when her life is put in danger and the only one who can save her is Jason? Will she back out and let her life end or will she cling to Jason? Read to find out!

Based of the lyrics to the song Too Late. Link to the video is attached!


3. Chapter 3

I'm so possessed with this


There's no turnimg back


I fell asleep in Jason's arms and that's exactly where I was when I woke up. He's very comforting for a bad boy. When he eventually notices I'm awake he smiles at me and says "No more tears today. I'm not that scary and I promised I wouldn't hurt you. I keep my promises." I nod my head in respose as I smile at him. "Good. How's Tim Horton's sound for breakfast?" "Amazing" "Okay I'll make a quick run. Coffee and a bagel?" I nod and with that he stands up to leave but not before he kisses my cheek. Did he really just kiss me? I must be dreaming! I guess there's no use trying to hide it, I think I like Jason. I mean he held me as I cried, he held me after I fell asleep crying, and he kissed my cheek before leaving to get me breakfast. Now that I think about it there's no question. I like Jason McCann. He makes me happier that I've felt in a long time and he makes me feel safe. I sat in bed for about another 5 minutes before I decided to get up and get ready for school. I shower fast, get dressed, and do my hair and makeup. As I make my way down the stairs the front door opens to reveal Jason coming back with our food. We head to the kitchen, me following him of course because I don't know my way around his house, and we sit down to eat. After we finish we head outside to his car so we can leave for school. I make my way to the passenger side of the car and before I can open the door Jason does for me. I smile at him and climb in. Once he shuts the door and starts to walk to his side I sigh. There's no going back now. Jason has me obsessed with him already. Nothing, no matter how hard I try, will ever be the same again.


Author's Note:

Aw Skylar likes Jason!:)<3 #Jaylar ;) Anyway... Hope you enjoyed! Like, favorite, comment, and become a fan! No likes/comments=no new chapters!!


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