Too Late

Her whole life Skylar has always done as she's told, especially when it comes to a certain boy at school named Jason McCann. She's always been warned about this "bad boy" but what happenes when her life is put in danger and the only one who can save her is Jason? Will she back out and let her life end or will she cling to Jason? Read to find out!

Based of the lyrics to the song Too Late. Link to the video is attached!


1. Chapter 1

Your face it haunts me in the dark

I can't see just what you are

So torn apart


My name is Skylar Jays and I'm 17 years old. I live in the small town of Little River, South Carolina and I've lived here my whole life. I've always been warned about gangs that hide and only come out at night but honestly, I live in a small town. Why would there be gangs here? Any way I'm currently walking home from dinner with my friends and it's almost 10pm. I know what you're thinking- Why didn't you just get a ride home?- I would've but all my friends live on the other side of town and my parents both work nights. I know a short cut home through a drak alley and it only takes me 10 minutes, I've taken it too many times to remember. As I walk I can see the alley coming up ahead but something seems off. A man who I can't really see except for his dark outline is entering it and now I'm a little freaked out. Me being stupid still decides to take the short cut home. I continue walking and turn into the valley. I can make out the outline of the man, or should I say teenager now that I can see is size better. He;s in the back corner of the alley facing the wall with his head in his hands. He seems upset about something but if he's in one of the gangs everyone talks about I don't want to find out what's causing him this pain. I quietly walk through the alley and I almost make it through when I kick an empty bottle. I curse in my mind as the boy snaps his head up and turns to face me. I still can't see his face but I can see that he has just pulled out a gun and has it aimed at me. "Don't move or I'll shoot."


Author's Note:

And there's the first chapter to I know It's Too Late! Like, favorite, comment, and become a fan! Hope you all enjoyed it! If you haven't heard the song before looke up Too Late by Lori Martini on yourtube! I LOVE this song!!!:)


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