8. Chapter 8

She sat in the hot soothing tub and forgot all about Taylor and Magcon. She went under the water and prayed. She prayed that everything would work out with her and Taylor. Once she was done she got out of the tub and got dressed. She went downstairs and made herself macaroni and cheese. She watched tv and are 6 servings. She was so depressed and confused. It doesn't look like Georgia would ever get back with Taylor. She sighed and them saw that it was 10:00pm so she went to her bed and crashed. She was dreaming about a tropical island with mouthwatering fruit, pretty blue water, tall palm trees, white sand,cans big gorgeous sea shells. The scent was wonderful. All of a sudden the ground shook in her dream and a huge tsunami came and she tried to run but her foot got caught in a net and the tsunami hit her. She woke up and was relieved that she was home. But then she realized that there were arms wrapped around her. She laid there perfectly still. What should she do? Who the heck is it??? She got scared. Were they gonna strangle her? Is it a person or a thing? She smelt cologne on the person so it must be a guy. He leaned in and kissed her neck and it gave her goosebumps. Is it Cameron? It can't be Taylor though. Cameron's watching him. Could it be Nash? Carter maybe? The guy pulled her closer and then wrapped his leg around her. Then he leaned in and whispered,"I love you." Georgia shot up and then fell out of bed because it was Taylor. She heard in his voice. She got up and slowly backed away. "C'mon! Georgia!!! It's ok! Just let me do it. I'll be soft I promise! C'mon! Please?" Taylor said. "N-No. How'd-How'd you even get in?" Georgia said. "A key you gave me a while back, now get in bed." Taylor said. "No." Georgia said. Taylor got up and started walking towards Georgia. She ran out of the room and downstairs and he chased after her.

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