6. Chapter 6

Taylor leaned in again but this time Georgia pushed him back and said,"Taylor please stop." He looked at her and than stood up, got in front of her and started to push her down. Then he got on top of her and whispered in her ear,"Make me." And he laid on top of her and was about to kiss her neck but she pushed him off again and said firmly,"Stop!!! Just stop!" He chuckled and then started coming towards her again. She got up, ran out of the room to downstairs and sat on the couch. She sat between Cameron and Carter and Cameron must've seen fear or anger in Georgia's eyes because he said,"Are you alright?" "Y-Ya." Georgia said. All of a sudden Taylor came flying down the stairs and he was breathing heavily. He looked really fired up. Georgia got scared so she grabbed onto Cameron. Taylor ran to Georgia and pushed her down. She screamed and he was about to hit her but Cameron yelled,"DUDE!!!! STOP IT!!!" And he grabbed Taylor's arm. Georgia looked at Taylor and said,"Goodbye. Leave." "You can't make me." He said. She looked at Cameron and Cameron knew what she wanted. Georgia ran upstairs and the boys left. They had to drag Taylor out. Now Georgia was alone. She went downstairs cautiously to make sure Taylor wasn't there. She was afraid. It's not ok to be afraid to someone you trusted with everything. They've been through so much together. But he destroyed it...he shattered it...he ruined her.

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