5. chapter 5

He let Georgia down, put his hand around her waist and they walked inside with the other guys. When they got inside Georgia told them where to put their luggage and where the bathroom was and everything. They were all sitting on the couch and chairs in her big living room and she got to know all of the boy's names. Taylor got and said,"Georgia. Come here." She got up and Taylor took her to the extra bedroom and they both sat on the bed. "Georgia I'm sorry...I know it seems like a haven't had time for you a-and I just don't know what to say. I love you so much. The first few nights I-I cried myself to sleep and couldn't stop thinking about you...I just want you to know how much I love you and I wanna make it up to you..." Taylor said. "That's so sweet's don't have time for me...and how will you make it up to me?" Taylor got a smirk in his face, scooted closer placed his hand on her thigh and scooted it up and leaned into her neck and started kissing it. Georgia was about to push him off but the door opened and it was Nash. He looked at them and said,"Oh crap! Sorry guys. Carry on!" And them he closed it.

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