4. chapter 4

She heard Taylor pull up in the driveway. She waited a few seconds, took a deep breath and then headed out the door. When she walked out she saw something that fired her up. Something she didn't expect. This didn't even cross her mind that he would do this...Taylor brought the Magcon boys. Georgia hasn't seen Taylor in months and now he brings the Magcon boys??? She was so pissed. She stomped out and a brunette boy with a blonde streak in his hair and beautiful bright blue eyes held his hand out and said,"Hi! You must be Georgia! I'm Nash." Georgia shook his hand and then saw a cute tall boy with his hair spiked up a bit, his beautiful light brown eyes, he was really fit and skinny. He walked up to Georgia, hugged her and said,"I'm Cameron. You're Georgia right?" Georgia nodded her head and stared into his eyes. "Taylor's been tellin us about you. You seem really nice. You seem like a warm hearted girl who would do anything for a guy. You seem like the type of girl who would never break a heart or never hurt a fly. That's nice." Cameron said. CRAP!!!! HE THINKS ILL NEVER BREAK A HEART!!! Georgia thought in her head...maybe nows not a good time to break up with Taylor. She then saw Taylor, ran to him and he sweeped her off her feet and twirled her around. They kissed but Georgia didn't think the kiss was electric or the kiss made sparks fly. It felt like just a normal kiss. His body warmth didn't melt Georgia's heart. His eyes didn't make her knees weak. That only means one thing and one thing only...Georgia wasn't in love anymore....

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