3. chapter 3

4 years later

"What??? You're canceling again??? Taylor!!! This is the 3rd time you've canceled!!! Uh!!! Whatever!!!" Georgia yelled over the phone. Taylor's been gone for 2 weeks. Georgia lives by herself since she's 19. She lonely and she wants to see Taylor but he's in a program called Magcon. He's never been there for her ever since he's started. It's like he doesn't have time for her. She sat at the bottom of the stairs and sobbed. She threw her phone across the room and screamed falling down sobbing so hard. She started jabbing her nails into her arms so hard that blood started to pour out. "WHY??? WHY???" She started shrieking. After about an hour she crashed.

1 week later

"WHAT??? TAYLOR!!!!! YOURE GOING TO LONDON!!!! THATS NOT OK!!!! TAYLOR I HAVENT SEEN YOU IN A WHOLE MONTH!!! NO!!! GOODBYE!!!" Georgia yelled over the phone again. Taylor was traveling London with Magcon and won't be back in another month. Georgia hung up ran outside hyperventilating sobbing she ran out, fell to her knees and sobbed. Hard. She jabbed her nails in her stomach. Blood poured out and stained her shirt. She didn't care though. She wanted to die. She wanted to end her life. Right now. Just get it over with. But no. She can't.

1 month later

Taylor's coming back today and Georgia's happy but she has to do something. She's going to let Taylor go. She's going to find another guy that will have time for. A guy who will stay with her forever. Never leave her side. Be with her forever.

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