2. chapter 2

Taylor got home late since he was in the principle's office. He walked in his house and his mom looked at him and said,"Taylor! You got sent to the principal's office again???" "Uuugghh!!! I don't wanna talk about it!!!" Taylor yelled. And then he went to his room, locked the door, put in headphones listening to music, and then laid on his bed staring at the ceiling. Music always seemed to help him. It took away stress and just got his mind off of things. After about an hour he took his headphones off and then heard a small knock on his bedroom door. He went to answer it and when he opened it he saw beautiful Georgia. "Georgia!!!" He said with a smile on his face. But she didn't look too happy. "What's wrong?" Taylor asked. She took a deep breath, stepped in his room, closed the door and said,"Taylor. I'm worried about you. This is the 3rd time you've gotten sent to the principal's office this month. You're gonna get suspended,held back, or expelled." "Uh! I know but school is just so hard! You know I have ADHD. It's hard for me to keep up with stuff and pay attention. And how do you know I got sent to the principal's office?" Taylor asked. "It's on the news." Georgia said. "WHAT???" Taylor yelled. Georgia laughed and said,"Just kidding. Your mom told me." "Georgia!" Taylor said nudging her playfully.

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