1. chapter 1

Taylor was dreaming about his girlfriend Georgia in math class. They were learning about something that was confusing and stressing and Taylor fell asleep. He was dreaming about her swinging on a wooden swing attached to a tree. The sunlight was hitting her head perfectly, her long dirty blonde hair was flying behind her, her beautiful white teeth were shining, her beautiful hazel eyes glistened. She was beautiful. All of a sudden Mr. Morris, the math teacher banged his desk with a thick yard stick. Taylor shot up and the class laughed. He realizes he was in math class. Not paradise with Georgia. Georgia and Taylor don't go to the same school. Taylor goes to the public school and Georgia goes to the private school. His parents can't afford the private school. If they could Taylor would transfer to the private school in a heartbeat to be with Georgia. He looked up and Mr. Morris yelled,"Taylor!!! You are not to fall asleep in my classroom again!!! Understood???" Taylor looked down and grumbled,"Ya." "What???" Mr. Morris yelled. Taylor got up, saluted and yelled,"YES SIR." In his best army voice and them sat down. The class giggled. "Go to the office RIGHT NOW young man!!!" Mr. Morris yelled. Taylor moaned, got his stuff and went to the office

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