You and I

Rosie never fell in love , but will Harry Styles be her first ?


1. Chapter 1

Hey it's Rosie . I'm a 20 years old girl from the USA , currently living in London . My parents died when I was 2 years old and my grandma raised me up . And now after she passed , I decided to settle down in London and work as a writer in a magazine . I live in a small apartment . I don't have any friends , never had a boyfriend and I ain't planning to have one since I suck relationships . Since I've arrived few days ago , my apartment is still so messy , my things are almost everywhere . I decided to clean everything and make my apartment a good place to live in . When I went out to throw the garbage I met my neighbour . He's an old man called Nick , he's so gentle and kind . He invited me to drink a cup of coffee . I met his wife , Barbara . She's an old lady with a nice smile . While drinking coffee I told them that I'm searching for a job . It's the first time luck smiles to me ! They said that there son "John" works in a magazine so they called him and he said that they needed a writer in work . Definitely it was me ! So tomorrow is my interview , hope it works . I thanked Nick and Barbara and went back home to prepare myself .

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