My Secret Boyfriend. *niall horan*

When Niall became famous, it was hard to still date him, with all the threats from fans and stuff, so we decided to tell everyone we broke up, course we didn't, now I'm going to show you the struggle of keeping our relationship a secret.

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1. chapter 1; hotel meeting.

When Niall became famous, it was hard to still date him, with all the threats from fans and stuff, so we decided to tell everyone we broke up, course we didn't, now I'm going to show you the struggle of keeping our relationship a secret.

'Come on babe I'm here!'

'Sorry! I'm coming in the elevator now'

I slid my phone into my over jacket pocket and slouched down the wall of the elevator, I haven't seen Niall in a month! I'm so exited to see him, don't get me wrong, I'm nervous as hell, but I've missed him a lot.

Seeing him on TV is nothing compared to seeing him in person.

I snapped out of my thoughts as the elevator jolted to a stop.

I inhaled and exhaled deeply, I slowly walked out of the now opened elevator doors and wondered to room 36B.

Niall and I had alway met up at excluded hotels where no one would even think we'd be.

I knocked on the door, adjusting my thigh length dress, and plumped up my loose waves with my hands.

The door slowly creaked open reviling Nialls blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

I giggled to myself as his face lit up.

"Kate!" He cried talking a step out the hotel door and embracing me with a warm hug, his body heat immediately made me feel safe.

I took a step back and just looked at him.

His changed, his muscles are clear to see without him flexing, his face chizzled, his hair no longer a peachy blonde colour, and his stubble sure was knew.

"Shh, we don't want anyone to here you now" I playfully shoved Niall causing him to roll his eyes.

He grabbed my hand leading me into the hotel suite.

I was greated by a massive double bed, flat screen tv, balcony, and a stoned bathroom with a jacuzzi bath. Well I know what doing tonight.

There was wine and crackers set out on a little table in the far right corner.

"So I managed to get out of work for a week" Niall smiled as I carried on inspecting the room.

That was a new record, the longest we'd get to spend together was only 3 days at a push.

All the boys knew we were together, and promised not to tell, and I only told my closet friend chelsa that I'm still with Niall.

"Great" I clapped my hands in excitement and pecked his soft lips. Oh god how I missed this.

I leaned in for another kiss. This time deeper and sweet. Niall cupped my face with his hands and I found my hands slung round his neck.

I pulled away for breathe and giggled at Nialls face expression.

"So any plans for tonight?" I asked curiously.

"Not really, I have an idea though" he smirked jumping off the bed.

Niall grabbed the wine and two glasses disappearing into the bathroom.

I herd water starting to run, and he reappeared only to grab the crackers that was placed next to the wine, and disappearing into the bathroom again.

When he returned he went to the wardrobe pulling out some swim shorts, I smiled as I walked over to my packed suitcase. I had only packed for 3 nights, but I'd just run home at some point to get more clothes.

I grabbed my bikini and slowly stripped off my over coat and dress.

I felt Nialls muscular arms snake round my waist as he slowly kissed my neck.

I turned to face him, I placed one hand on his bare chest, and kissed him.

"We only just got here. Give it time" I giggled.

I still hadn't.. You know... Lost my v-card yet, and I was nervous about it, but I trusted Niall with my life.

He pouted playfully and retreated to the bath room, while he was gone I put on my bikini and put my hair into a messy bun.

"Your bath awaits" Niall bowed pointing to the bathroom, I rolled my eyes and walked into the steamed room.

I placed two towels on the toilet seat, and slipped off my socks and jumped in the bath, quickly followed by Niall.

Niall handed me a full glass of white wine, and we clinked our glasses and I downed the first glass, I threw my head back letting the warm water relax my body.

For the next hour Niall and I just caught up on what happened the past month. To my surprise Niall and the boys hadn't got up to much.

"Think we should get out the bath before we wrinkle up" I laughed a little tipsy, after my 4th glass.

Niall nodded in agreement and leaned over and grabbed the towels handing me one.

I stood up wrapping the towel tightly around my body and stepping out the bath.

I walked into the main room, and grabbed a pair of shorts and a loose top and my make up wipes. I dried my self off and threw my pajarams on, I put my bikini out on the balcony to dry, I just stood out side for a bit letting the breeze in brace me.

I felt Nialls arms wrap round my chest.

We just stood silent for a while.

"Let's get some sleep" Niall whispered softly in my ear.

I nodded and grabbed his hand pulling him into the main room.

I crawled under the cover, Niall right behind me.

Niall put one hand around my waist pulling me close to him.

" I love you" he whispered into my hair.

" I love you two" I smiled though he couldn't see.

With that I drifted off into a deep sleep.

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