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*The Vamps Fan Fiction*
"The late February weather tickled my skin as I closed the door to the taxi and gathered my bright orange suitcases. I walked up the steep stairs that lead up to the rusted grayish brown door. A whole bunch of different emotions flowed my mind as I was about to see my family again. The door swished open and Connor enveloped me in an abnormally large hug."
Natalie finally sees her cousin Connor Ball again after a few years. While in Scotland, she and her new friends encounter hardship, heartbreak, and many adventures.


18. Tristan's POV

Chapter 18- Tristan

    It was probably around 11 at night and I went to the food store around the corner to buy Indie a bunch of candies. She and the girls were probably on there way back from there dinner night. The streets were silent and the only sound was the wind and the trees blowing. The scenery was sort of like entering a scary movie of some sort. The only people on the street were an old man walking his scottish terrier and a group of men probably smoking pot. They looked like trouble and I did not want to go near them.

“Yo toothpick!” The white man with gold teeth said. I tried to ignore him. The other guys in the group silently chuckled. “Ey. I’m talking to you skinny boy. Does yo mama even feed you?” He nudged me in the shoulder but I kept on walking.

“Yeh she feeds me but does your mom feed you too much because… well look at you.” I said.

“Ey you lookin for some trouble eh?” Another guy said

“No I’m saying whats on my mind.” I replied.

“Ya know whats on my mind? Eh? Eh!?” The guy with gold teeth said.

“Naked guys since you seem gay.” I said.

“WOAHH!” Everyone yelled and Gold Teeth bit his lip. 

“Oh yeah?” He said.

“Well it seems like you want to rape me.” I mentioned immediately regretting I said that.  He took the cigarette out of his mouth and cracked his knuckles.

“You wanna go?” He said cracking his neck.

“I don’t fight.” I mentioned.

“OH! We got a chicken over here! Bock bock!!” Gold Teeth said while making chicken impressions. I went over to him and punched his fake teeth right out of his mouth. He aimed for my eye but I quickly dodged it. He kicked me straight in the balls and It felt like the world was upside down. He tackled me to the floor violently kicking and hitting me all over the face. The other guys joined in and took turns kicking my head or punching my chest.

“TRISTAN!!!!!!” I heard a familiar voice come from ahead. My head hurt way too much for me to even lift it and I felt like I was going to pass out. “BACK AWAY BASTARDS!” I heard a girl scream but I didn’t recognize it at first until she approached me. “Tristan…” She said rubbing my bleeding face.

“Indie?” I questioned.

“OMG My poor baby! We need to get you to the hospital.” She helped me up and I could barely even stand. I saw Natalie, Sara and Brookie off to the side. Sara and Natalie's faces both bloody. “They helped me out. We beat the crap out of those guys.” She stated noticing that I had a confused expression on my face. “Brookie didn’t have the balls to hit someone.”

“Hey!” Brooklyn said and rolled her eyes.

“Do you want me to call 911?” Nat asked.

“Yes! Please. We can’t carry him back to the house. No offence but your heavy!” Indie stated.

“None taken. I just feel light headed.” I said. Natalie took out her phone and dialed 911. The police came first and then it felt like forever but the ambulance finally arrived. I heard mixtures of voices yelling and I felt shaking but my eyes started to close and the world slowly turned white.


A/N: EEk... Sorry for swearing a lot. It just helps emphasize how the characters are feeling. Keep reading to find out what happens to Tris! 

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