Welcome Home!

*The Vamps Fan Fiction*
"The late February weather tickled my skin as I closed the door to the taxi and gathered my bright orange suitcases. I walked up the steep stairs that lead up to the rusted grayish brown door. A whole bunch of different emotions flowed my mind as I was about to see my family again. The door swished open and Connor enveloped me in an abnormally large hug."
Natalie finally sees her cousin Connor Ball again after a few years. While in Scotland, she and her new friends encounter hardship, heartbreak, and many adventures.


35. Sara's POV

Chapter 35- Sara

    I was excited to see Connor’s ‘lady friend’ as he liked to say. He told me that they weren’t dating and that they were just friends but… we all know that’s going ot change soon. The doorbell rang and to my surprize it wasn’t Connor… or his ‘lady friend’. It was Brooklyn.



“What are you doing here? I thought you went back home.” I questioned.

“I know… I went back home but it just wasn’t the same. I missed everyone.”

“Even Connor?”

“I missed him the most.” My eyes widened. Connor was over Brooklyn already, moving on with his life. Meeting other girls.

“Brooklyn, you can’t just break my friends heart and then come back for him!” I yelled.


“Brooklyn, just please go away.” Connor and i’m guessing his ‘lady friend’ were coming around the corner.

“I need to speak to Connor!”

“Right now is not a good time!” I said motioning for her to go away.

“Uh.. what’s going on?” Connor said approaching the steps.

“Connor! I need to talk to you!” Brooklyn shouted.

“Brooklyn, stop.”

“Is this your girlfriend?’ She asked.

“No. She’s just a friend.” He replied.

“Can you please forgive me?” Brooklyn begged.

“NO! Brooklyn. I’m done… i’ve moved on already.” He replied. Connor and the girl walked inside the house and I closed the door behind us, leaving Brookie outside. “Urg! Why is she so desperate!” Connor stated throwing his hands up in the air.

“Is this your ‘lady friend’?” I asked causing him to blush.

“Yes! Andy, I want you to meet Sara. Sara, this is Andy.” He said as we shook hands.

“Nice to meet you!” She stated.

“Oh! And this is James!” He said pointing to James coming down the stairs. He shook her hand and placed his hand around my waist.

“Who’s this?” He asked kindly.

“This is my friend Andy.”

“Friend? Or more than-”


“Okay..” He looked down at the ground.

“So are you two like dating?” Andy asked pointing to the two of us.

“Us? No. I’m taken. Ew..” I immediately replied.  He released his grip on my waist and we slowly parted from each other awkwardly.

“Yeh were not- no… I’m also taken and uh…” James said right after.

“JAFFA JAFFA JAFFA CAKESSS!” Brad screamed while stuffing his face. “CONNOR BROUGHT A GIRL HOME!” He said with his mouth full and Jaffa Cake crumbs flying from his mouth. “I’M BRADLEY!” he said holding his hand out to shake it.

“Uh.. Nice to meet you Bradley… ew..” She noticed the melted chocolate and orange jam on his hand and just lifted up his pointer finger and moved it up and down.  “Do you have any hand sanitizer?” She whispered to Connor.

“I don’t think-”

“Wait never mind! I have.” She pulled out a small bottle and rubbed the orange scented liquid onto her hand. 

“I want you to meet my cousin Natalie!” Connor stated while bringing her up the stairs. I followed them since it was getting awkward with James and Bradley was being gross but he was still cute. “Andy this is Nat!”

“Hi! Very nice to meet you!” She stated sharing a quick hug with Andy. “She’s perfect for you!” She whispered in his ear and winked. He rolled his eyes and you could tell that they were just friends and nothing was really going on. Bradley and James soon entered the room with Indie and Tris.

“Guys! The funniest thing happened downstairs.” Con stated grabbing everyone's attention. “So as I was introducing Sara and James to Andy she thought they were dating!” Everyone bursted into laughter as a small blush crept in her face.

“Well, James had his hand around her waist so I just thought…” Andy said. Natalie gave Sara a playful glare. Brad slowly approached Natalie and whispered,

“We should team up on them!”

“I herd that! Sara and I are a team, you and Natalie another!” James stated confidently.

“I’m confused! wait what’s happening? What are we teaming up for?” Nat said impatiently.

“We should have a who can go longest without kissing eachother war.” Brad stated.

“Oh! If i can’t kiss you than I guess i’ll have to kiss James then.” I playfully stated grabbing onto James’s t-shirt. I bit my lip and pressed my forehead against his. I wasn’t really going to kiss him, I was just trying to make Brad jealous and loose within the first few seconds.

“NOO!!! MY GIRL!” Brad jumped on top of James’s back, pounding his fists into his shoulders.

“Dude, calm down!” James said as Natalie tried to pry him off of James. He soon released his grip and fell off of him. Brad placed his hand on my cheek and immediately pressed his lips to mine.

“Mhm. I miss you.” He stated.

“I think you missed winning.” I said giving James a highfive.

“Brad we lost!” Nat whined.

“Sorry I can’t resist 30 seconds without kissing her.” He stated planting a small peck on my forehead. I had totally forgot that Andy and Con were still in the room until Andy spoke.

“Does this happen all the time? Like little fights?” She asked. Connor nodded his head and they both left the room with Indie and Tris following behind. To my surprize Natalie seemed totally ok with the fact that i almost kissed her boyfriend. She knows I would never do that to her. James pinched my cheek before also leaving the room with Nat. I grabbed a beanbag chair and brought Brad to cuddle up next to me. His hair was soft.



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