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*The Vamps Fan Fiction*
"The late February weather tickled my skin as I closed the door to the taxi and gathered my bright orange suitcases. I walked up the steep stairs that lead up to the rusted grayish brown door. A whole bunch of different emotions flowed my mind as I was about to see my family again. The door swished open and Connor enveloped me in an abnormally large hug."
Natalie finally sees her cousin Connor Ball again after a few years. While in Scotland, she and her new friends encounter hardship, heartbreak, and many adventures.


27. Sara's POV

Chapter 27- Sara’s POV

    My heart raced as I woke up to a snoring, drooling yet beautiful Bradley. His hair drooped in front of his eyes and his mouth was wide open with a puddle of drool forming on the pillow. I pecked his lips quickly not even bothered by his saliva. Immediately startled, he jumped up brushing the hair out of his eyes and wiping the drool off of his mouth.

“Ewwiee!” he said making an effort to wipe the infested pillow.

“It’ll dry.” I reassured.

“Morning Boo!” He said booping my nose.

“Hi Sully!” I said smirking.

“Whatcha wanna do today?” He questioned putting his hand on my leg.

“My boyfriend does my makeup challenge!” I eagerly stated.

“What’s that? You don’t need makeup.” He said putting his thumb under my eye rubbing it lightly.

“It’s when the guy does the girls makeup.” I said.

“You know I’m not great with makeup.” He said sarcastically.

“Lets try it out.” I speedily got up from the covers and grabbed my makeup. “Lets get ready first. I wanna look decent for the YouTube video.”

“Remember last time we made a YouTube video?” He raised his eyebrow.

“Bradley… you were the one who told me to get past it.” I mentioned.

“Oh. I’m gonna go in the shower. Wanna save water?” He smirked. I smiled back at him.

“PÜMA!” I scurried into the bathroom closing the door behind us. We both striped and went into the warm water Brad had turned on. It was quite difficult to shower with Bradley being a water hogger. “Stop hogging all the water!”

“Be patient boo!” He said stroking my hair.

“Won’t you just hurry up so I can get in there.” I whined.

“In there?” He said smirking.

“Oh you know what I mean.” I said jumping up wrapping my legs around him. “Now we can both share!” I said as the water burned my back and steam uprised. He moved his lips onto mine and slowly grabbed my butt. Steam flew off of our bodies including our lips and his chest was right up against mine. I slowly jumped off of him grabbing his shampoo and massaged his hair.

“Haha. You look like a wet dog haha! With blue stuff in it!” I said chuckling. He reached over to grab my shampoo and poured it right on top of my head. “Too much?”

“Nah just right.” He said now massaging my hair. My hands soon turned soapy and I clapped them right in front of his face making him jerk back and spit out the bubbles. I playfully smacked him in the arm and he gave me a quick kiss in return. “I wuv you!” He said puckering his lips.

“I wuv you too!” I replied in between kisses. We took like a twenty minute shower. Basically throwing bubbles and kissing the whole time. We turned the faucet off and dried our bodies. I picked out my clothes and dried my hair as he did the same. Skipping the part of my routine putting on my makeup because Brad was supposed to do it. I set up my camera by a window with good lighting and sat on the floor with various types of makeup scattered all around me.

“How much bloody makeup do you have!?” He shrieked seeing all the choices he had.

“ There is more where that came from. This is just some daily stuff. Lets start!” I said hitting the record button on my camera while Brad still was fixing his hair.

“Wait are you recording?” He said scurrying to the empty space on the floor next to me.

“Yup.” I said popping the ‘p’. I waved my hand smiling at the camera.

“Hey guys! I’m here with Brad and today we are doing the boyfriend does my makeup challenge!”

“I have absolutely no clue what any of this stuff is!” He said waving his hands in the air.

“Ready to start?” i questioned. He nodded.

“I’m gonna use this.” He said picking up foundation. “It’s in a cool jar.”

“Show the camera what it is.” I mentioned holding his arm up to the camera.

“Uh. do I just dump it on your face?” He questioned.

“Can’t tell you!”

“Uhhh!” He huffed and started to tilt the foundation downwards letting a huge glob fall onto my cheek. “Oh shit… I might have put on too much.”

“Mhmm.” I said waving my eyebrows up in agreement. He lifted my chin up and slowly glided the makeup onto my face. “It feels like shit!”

“How do you know what that feels like?”

“Uhh I plead the fifth!” He said holding his hand up like he was about  to say an oath.

“You’re British… plus we are in Scotland…” I said. He shrugged and continued to rub it on my face.

“Lets do this!” he said picking up the blush. “How does this work? Which brush do I use?” He finally chose a brush and it was surprisingly the correct one. He dabbed the powder onto my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. I coughed as he rubbed it next to my mouth.

“What is it called?” I asked.


“The thing you are putting on me.”

“The pink stuff?”


“Uh is this mascara?”

“WHAT!?” I said smacking my forehead taking the blush out of his hands. “This is mascara? You’re joking…”

“Well I guess it is not mascara… uh I don’t know.”

“Read the container for crying out loud!”

“OHH it’s blush!”

“yes.. oh my gosh!”

“Hehe..” He finished with the blush and picked up a palette of multicolored eyeshadows. “This you put on your lips right?”

“This should be great!” I said rolling my eyes. He took a smaller brush and put a bright red eyeshadow all over my lips.

“Oh it’s powder! It goes on your eyes!” He said while his eyes lit up. I face palmed myself again as he took a pink color and scattered it on my eyelids. “Next i need to put purple to make it look ombre!” He looked at me tilting his head. He pulled my face from the side and planted a huge wet kiss on my cheek. He soon took the mascara bottle and shook it. “Is this a dildo?”

“No. Open it.” I said pulling it out of his hands and opening it for him.

“What is is called?”


“Read the bottle…”

“Oh so this is mascara! You put it on your eyelashes and eyebrows right?”

“Uh..” He tilted my head upward trying so hard not to poke my eye out.

“How do you do this everyday?” He questioned.

“I’m used to it. I mostly only put on eyeliner.” I replied.

“Eye liner? What is that?” I shook my head again and waved my hand in the air.  He took the mascara brush and started to comb my eyebrows to the side. “Oooh… Hahaha. I guess you don’t put this on the eyebrows…”

“Mhmm.” He closed the cap and brushed my hair out of my face.

“Eye liner? What’s eyeliner? ooh! A pencil. This is eyeliner.” He mumbled to himself taking out the ‘pencil’ as he called it. “I put this on your eyes right?”

“can’t tell you. But i’ll give you a hint. Water line.”

“What the bloody hell is a freakin water line!?” He said throwing his hands into the air. “I’m just gonna put this here.” I laughed as he tickled my eyelids with the eyeliner. He was so clueless. He looked like a lost dog trying to find its way back home.

“What’s next.” I said as he placed the eyeliner down.

“Lip stick. I know where that goes.” He said smiling. He picked out a nude colored lip gloss and placed it onto my lips. He pecked them quickly and blushed. “Mhmm tastes like cherry.”

“It’s not cherry flavored…”

“Well it tastes like a cherry.” he said pouting.

“You done?”

“uh. yeh.” Brad took the camera off the stand so he could record my reaction to his ‘masterpiece’ “3...2...1… open!” I let out an ear piercing shriek and my eyes widened at the sight of my face.

“What did you do!?” I said trying to pick out the clumps in my mascara.

“I made you look smexy! Ready for clubbing.” I laughed and immediately ran for the makeup remover. “I want to look as good as that! Can you do mine?” He asked.

“YESS!” I replied shocked that he was allowing me to do this.

    After i had edited and uploaded the video, Me and Brad ran back to the bedroom to film another video. This time, I was doing his makeup.

“Make me look hot!” He said with a giant smile across his face.

“I’ll try my best!” I clicked the record button. “Hey everyone! So I’m making another video but now I’m doing Bradley’s makeup.” He wagged his eyebrows up and down. “Ok. I’m starting with foundation. You put it on the sponge.”

“Oh!” I rubbed it all over his face making him look super tan.

“As you can see this is not Brad’s color!” I said hysterical laughing.

“Lemme see!”

“You can’t look yet! Next i’m taking blush.” I said rubbing the brush of blush in circles all over his cheeks.

“It tickles.” he chuckled.

“Next is eyeshadow.” I picked a neutral color and asked him to close his eyes. I lightly rubbed it on trying not to get too much on so it could come off easy in the end. “Now i’m gonna apply eyeliner.”

“Can you explain to me what a water line is?” he asked.

“ Its basically the border between your eyeball and eyelid.” I answered.


“But i’m not going to put too much.”

“Okay.” I gave him a wing effect and placed the eyeliner down.

“Alright, last step.. stop moving… lipstick.” I said smirking. “What color?”

“Red! I wanna look sexy.” I rolled my eyes and put on the reddest lipstick I owned on his smooth lips.

“Ok. I think thats enough!” I said taking time to examine how feminine he looked. I tried to hide my laughter as I took him to the mirror.

“Oooooh!” He said making duck faces and peace signs in the mirror.

“You’re so swag.”

“No i’m so Fab!” He corrected.

“Wanna show the guys?” I questioned. he nodded his head vigorously and ran down the stairs.

“Look! James! I’m Taylor Swift!” He said gaining his attention.

“Looking good mate! I like this look on you!” He said pointing to his lipstick. Tristan cocked his eyebrows and Connor just stood there in shock.

“Yo Condor? Hello? You ok?” Brad said waving his hand in front of his face.

“You look so… so… so beautiful!” Con replied wide eyed pinching Brad’s cheeks.

“I know!” He replied flipping his hair. “I’m just too gorgeous!” 


A/N: Has anyone ever done this challenge or wants to try it? I wanna try this so bad!

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