Welcome Home!

*The Vamps Fan Fiction*
"The late February weather tickled my skin as I closed the door to the taxi and gathered my bright orange suitcases. I walked up the steep stairs that lead up to the rusted grayish brown door. A whole bunch of different emotions flowed my mind as I was about to see my family again. The door swished open and Connor enveloped me in an abnormally large hug."
Natalie finally sees her cousin Connor Ball again after a few years. While in Scotland, she and her new friends encounter hardship, heartbreak, and many adventures.


32. Natalie's POV

Chapter 32- Natalie

    The boys had been traumatized by some waitress at Hooters and they all  ended up falling asleep. Me and Sara sat in front of the T.V watching ‘Extreme Makeovers: House Edition’ which we were super obsessed with. You could hear the thunder and see the lightning from underneath the curtains. The rain was pouring… when I say pouring, I mean it. It probably was like five feet of rain.  “MOVE THAT BUS! MOVE THAT BUS!” We both cheered excitedly about to see the outcome of the new house on the screen. We held hands and jumped up and down. The T.V went fuzzy and the lights went out.

“Great..” I mumbled.


“It’s getting late anyways. We should go get ready for bed.” I said. We took a flashlight

 and walked up the stairs into my room which loud music was playing from. “How on earth are you listening to music if the power-”

“Not now Nat!” Connor said waving a hand in the air motioning for me to go away.

“We’re not allowed to party with you?” Sara said winking at Brad.

“They can come!” Brad immediately spurted out.

“Ugh. Fine!” Con said releasing his grip on the door and dancing like a madman.

“I’m going to bed… I’m exhausted.” I stated pulling the covers over my head. The music was some heavy metal band probably Metallica and I couldn't fall asleep. The door creaked open and I knew from the sound of the footsteps that it was Indie. She started to playfully yell and started hitting someone. “IF YOU GUYS DON’T SHUT UP I’M GOING TO SHOVE FROZEN CHICKEN NUGGETS UP ALL YOUR ARSES!!” I yelled gaining all their attention.  I got blank stares and no expressions. “Can you guys at least party somewhere else besides my room…?” I questioned.

“No.” Connor stated bluntly and continued to dance with his bearded dragon Rex.

“Poor Rex…” I muttered. “Can you get him out of my room before he pisses all over the carpet?”

“No.” He said holding Rex up to his face and nuzzling his nose into it’s face.

“Watch it bite you.” I stated waiting for it to happen but he soon pulled back from Rex and came towards me.

“No. Watch it bite you!” He said tackling me with the lizard in his hand.

“Connor!! You're going to hurt Rex!” I stated trying to push away from him.

“Rex is fine calm yourself.” He stated still smushing Rex’s little face into my neck. I stopped pushing him away and let him continuously smudge Rex’s face all over mine.

“I know he loves me Con… but I need some personal space. I know Rex.. you’re upset but it wasn’t going to work out anyways. I’m taken.” I joked patting Rex on the head. Connor got up, covered Rex’s eyes and huffed as he went to place him back into his cage. I pulled the blankets back over my head and tried to fall asleep.

I was awoken by James cuddling up right next to me and the music finally shut off. Everyone  left the room to do who knows what. He kissed my forehead lightly and moved the hair out of my face. He whispered something into my ear but I couldn’t make it out. I opened my eyes and they immediately locked with a pair of aquamarine ones.

“hm?” I questioned wanting him to repeat what ever he just said.

“You’re a tree.” He stated.

“Haha! Why’d you say that?” I asked pushing my forehead onto his.

“You’ve grown. You were this shy girl who wouldn’t wear short sleeves or anything revealing and now look at you. You’re in a sports bra and short shorts for goodness sakes.”

“I need time to get comfortable with people. That’s all.” I answered.

“And you got a tattoo! That takes guts!”

“And it’s of a tree.”

“Yup. And you are one.  What type of tree is that?” He questioned.

“Uh. Maple.”

“You’re middle name is Maple. Natalie Maple Ball right?”


“You’re perfect.” He said.

“James…” I said rolling my eyes. “You’re perfect.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” He joked wagging his eyebrows.

“Your breath stinks right now!” I joked. He took his hand and cupped it over his mouth. “I’m just joking! Calm yourself.” He let out a sigh of relief and pulled me in closer. I closed my eyes and fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.


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