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*The Vamps Fan Fiction*
"The late February weather tickled my skin as I closed the door to the taxi and gathered my bright orange suitcases. I walked up the steep stairs that lead up to the rusted grayish brown door. A whole bunch of different emotions flowed my mind as I was about to see my family again. The door swished open and Connor enveloped me in an abnormally large hug."
Natalie finally sees her cousin Connor Ball again after a few years. While in Scotland, she and her new friends encounter hardship, heartbreak, and many adventures.


42. Indie's POV

Chapter 42- Indie

    Maria was badass. She was teaching me how to work guns and submarines.

“I remember my dad taking me to see submarines when I was really young. She stated.

“What happened to your dad? If you dont mind.” I asked.

“Both of my parents had me and Nat when they were about 17- 18. They were still in school so they couldn’t take care of us. They put us in a foster home since they couldn’t afford a daycare and I never saw them again. I was around 1 or 2.”

“Oh… I’m sorry…” I responded quickly.

“ Nat never told you?”

“Well we met like-”

“A year ago? I’m surprised.

“It was never a subject that came up. Do you know if they are still alive? Maybe we can find them.” I mentioned.

“I’m not so sure that’s a great idea. Ask Connor or Natalie about it.” I jolted downstairs in search for Connor or Natalie.


“Woah!! Yes?”

“Help me find Nat’s birth parents!” I yelled.

“WHAT ARE YOU NUTS!?” He replied.

“Uh, Yeh. What are their names!?” I questioned.

“Easy Tiger! You need to ask Nat if it is ok with her. I don’t think she will let you.” I ran out of the kitchen and found Nat sitting criss cross applesauce on the couch with her laptop showing Brad something.

“Natalie!” I yelled.

“INDIE ARE YOU HURT!” She immediately stood up startled.

“Why do you always assume that I’m hurt when I yell?” I asked.

“Well maybe because you yell when you get hurt! And that’s alot!”

“Anyways, I wanted your permission to help find your birth parents.”

“What! No! Never! I don’t ever want to meet them it’s too hard!”

“Natalie please! It will be nice!”

“No it won’t! Trust me they are up to no good.”

“You know what they are doing?” I asked. She nodded making no eye contact. “TELL ME!” I jumped on top of her and Bradley. “TELL ME!!” I yelled again.

“Indie, why do you care? Ow… you are crushing my boob.”

“Your boob? What happened to the other one?”

“Hello? Guy still sitting here!” Brad mentioned.

“Oh you've heard worse come from our mouths. Especially from Indie.” Nat mentioned and Brad nodded his head in agreement.

“Please let me help you! Please!” I begged.

“Indie stop no!”

“Natalie Maple Ball!-”

“No! I will never forgive you!” She yelled.

“Natalie please please!!!”

“I said no Indie.”

“Natalie, Maria really wants to meet them.”

“Don’t make things up Indie…”

“Just please give them a chance…”

“Fineee! If it means this much to you…” She finally agreed.

“YESSS!! Now, what are their names?” I asked.

“Mom, Soaryn Wright, Dad, Jake Ball.” She slowly answered as I typed their

names into Google. A bunch of their social media accounts popped up and I clicked on Instagram which had her email in her Bio. “That’s stupid… why would you put your email in your bio? Can’t everyone see that?” I shrugged my shoulders. I waited impatiently as Natalie typed her information in order to sign into her email. This is what she wrote:

    Dear Miss Soaryn Wright,

I’m Natalie Ball, your daughter. I was wondering if you’d like to meet up. Perhaps we can reunite. I couldn't find Dad’s (Jake Ball) email so if you are able to contact him please let him know as I would like to see him. I hope we can meet up since I would love to sit down and chat. Let me know as soon as possible.

Sincerely, Natalie Maple Ball

“That’s it Nat? No! You need to write more. You can’t just say in the first line that you are their daughter. It will freak them out!” Brad complained.

“What else am I supposed to write then?” She said.

“Let me do the writing.” Brad volunteered and took the laptop from her arms. This is what  he wrote:

Dear Miss Soaryn Wright,

I’m pretty sure you will remember me. I’m Natalie. I came out of your vagina on December 27th 1994.

Before Brad could write anymore Natalie snatched back the computer.

“And you think just saying I’m there daughter will creep them out!” She mentioned. He shrugged his shoulders. “Indie can you please write or at least help me.”

“You can keep the part where you want to meet them but fix the beginning.” I suggested.  This was the final product:

    Dear Miss Soaryn Wright,

As the years go by we forget about people, remember people and miss people. I’m not sure if I’m missed or that you remember me but I’m Natalie, or Natalie Ball to be specific. If you still aren’t sure who I am or how I know you, I’m your daughter. If you hadn’t already known, after you had placed me up for adoption, I was taken in by your boyfriend’s (Aka my Dad) sister and have been living with her ever since. I don’t ever see Dad and I was wondering if you’d like to meet up. Perhaps we can reunite. I couldn't find Dad’s (Jake Ball) email so if you are able to contact him please let him know as I would like to see him also.

Sincerely, Natalie Maple Ball

    “Looks good!” Brad said.

“Should I click send?” She asked. Brad and I nodded our heads as she clicked the button. “Woooof! That’s scary.” She added.

“It’s going to be nice, trust me.” I reassured.

“Football game! Now! Boys versus girls!” Tristan yelled from upstairs. We scrambled off of the couch and into the backyard where everyone was in a circle. It was Sara, Natalie, Maria and Me on one team and Tristan, Connor, James and Brad on the other. Tristan placed the soccer ball (or football) on the ground in front of me and him.

“It’s onnnn!” I teased.

“Oh yeah?” He questioned. It was pretty obvious that we were going to win. Maria and I could take down those  boys in a heartbeat just by ourselves.  We had Natalie as goalie and Sara as defence. Maria and I were going to crush those boy’s confidence. The boys had Brad as goalie and Connor as defence. Tristan and James were running. It was time for the game to begin. We all stood in out assigned positions. “Ready to lose?” Tristan hissed.

“No, but we are ready to win!” I added.

“Ready set lets go!” He yelled as I tripped him and stole the ball.

“Oops Sorry.” I joked passing the ball to Maria. She ran with it for a while trying to get passed Connor but he eventually took it and passed it to James. I ran in front of him swooping the ball up once again and leading it to the goal. Maria distracted Connor as I swung my foot around fast to make a goal. Brad placed his hand up in the air and the ball just skimmed them before entering the goal.

“Yeayyy!” Nat shouted from the other side of the court. Tristan approached me.

“One point for the girls!” I said making sure to rub it in.

“You still need two more… we got a long game ahead of us. The boys can and will make a comeback.”

“We’ll see about that!” Brad threw the ball out from the goal. James had stolen the ball from Maria. He made it passed Sara who was just twirling her hair and not paying attention to anything around her.

“Sara pay attention!” I yelled at her. James tried to kick it into the goal but Natalie blocked it with her thigh.

“Go Nat!” Maria chanted. She threw it to me and I quickly passed it across the court to Maria who was wide open. She kicked it right into the goal, Connor was too slow to even try to block her.

“Two points Tris!” I yelled. He rolled his eyes.  Brad kicked the ball to Tristan and he soon passed it to James. James lost control of the ball when I tripped him and stole it. Tristan attempted to kick the ball from between my legs but I toppled over taking him down also. Our lips were centimeters apart and I could feel his heavy breathing. I couldn’t help but to plant a quick kiss on his lips before getting back up stealing the ball from Connor. Connor and I were back and forth with the ball. I kept stealing from him and he kept stealing it from me. Maria finally settled it by taking it from Connor and heading towards Brad. Tristan stole it from her and made a goal.

“See? Making a comeback!” Tris hollered.

“You still need two more! We have a long game ahead of us!” I said mocking his comment he said earlier. We continued the game and it was a long time before James had scored for the boys team. It was 2-2. We were tied. We all just needed one more point to win it all. Natalie started complaining that she couldn’t be goalie anymore so I became goalie and we switched spots. I punted the ball across the field and right in front of Connor. He passed it to Tristan but Maria scooped it right from him. She passed it to Natalie who stood there in shock before running to the wrong side.

“Other way!” I yelled. It was too late James stole it from her. Her eyebrows furrowed and her fists clenched. “Oh boy..” I mumbled. She jolted forward as Maria tripped him and allowed for Natalie to steal the ball. She dribbled the ball as fast as she could making it passed Connor and kicking it straight at Brad. In fear, Bradley ran away from it as it entered the goal.

“WE WON!” I screamed running over to Natalie who was standing in one place not moving a muscle and enveloping her in a gigantic hug. Sara was totally clueless that the game was finished until Brad surprised her with a kiss which then led to a full on make out session. Tristan approached me again and clapped slowly and obnoxiously.

“How does it feel to lose to 3 girls?” I questioned.

“There were 4 Indie.”

“Sara doesn’t count, she didn’t do anything.” I said.

“True. Good game!” He said shaking my hand.

“Ew no! What are we like 5?” I asked rhetorically and stood up on my tip toes giving him a kiss. “Good game.”

A/N: This is my favorite chapter of the whole book! I love how it makes Brad and Sara seem so stupid and I love the ending. Ok so I don't play soccer and don't know the rules. I know a lot of this is wrong like how you restart in the middle instead of kicking it back in. Excuse that.

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