Welcome Home!

*The Vamps Fan Fiction*
"The late February weather tickled my skin as I closed the door to the taxi and gathered my bright orange suitcases. I walked up the steep stairs that lead up to the rusted grayish brown door. A whole bunch of different emotions flowed my mind as I was about to see my family again. The door swished open and Connor enveloped me in an abnormally large hug."
Natalie finally sees her cousin Connor Ball again after a few years. While in Scotland, she and her new friends encounter hardship, heartbreak, and many adventures.


16. Bradley's POV

Chapter 16- Bradley (Listen to Skinny Love by Birdy)

I was drying my wet hair with a towel and was immediately started by a beautiful voice coming from the bathroom. You could tell it was Sara.

“I'm so fancy, You already know. I'm in the fast lane. From L.A. to Tokyo..” She sang loudly. I chuckled to myself and continued to stand outside the door. The water shut off yet she was still singing. The door opened.

“Boo!” I said making her jump.

“Oh my gosh!” She said laughing.

“Nice singing!” I mentioned.

“Oh haha. Thanks.” He face reddened and she closed the door to the bedroom. I walked downstairs looking for Connor but he must have went food shopping. I plopped myself onto the couch with some Jaffa Cakes and started to watch the beginning of 21 Jump Street. “YOOOOO!!!” Sara yelled as she entered the room. “21 Jump Street again?” I nodded as I stuffed another Jaffa Cake into my mouth whole. “You’re gonna get fat!” She said taking the next Jaffa Cake out of my hands and eating it.

“Huh!” I whimpered with an unamused expression across my face. She bit half of it and stuffed the rest of it on my face totally missing my mouth. She laughed as she licked the pieces off my face. “Eww Sara jerms!” I muffled though my Jaffa Cake stuffed mouth.

“Quit being a baby. Do something productive like playing the piano or something.” She said.

“Fine!” I said making my way to the living room where the piano was. I started playing a few chords and making up some songs and crap.

“Hey can you play Skinny Love by Birdy?” Sara suggested.

“Uh, if you give me the sheet music I can.” She pulled out her phone and started searching for the song.

“Here!” She placed the phone on the stand and I started to play. “Come on skinny love just last the year, Pour a little salt we were never here, My my my, my my my, my-my my-my...

Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer.” She continued to sing and her voice was actually really pretty. Her singing in the shower wasn’t as good as this side of her. I knew a few of the lyrics so I harmonized along with her. Connor came through the door, put his groceries down and immediately started to record us.

“This is going on youtube later!” he said quietly so he wouldn’t ruin the singing. She sang the last lyric and I played the last note and we immediately made eye contact. It felt like Connor wasn’t there, and it was just the two of us. She pecked my lips quickly and gently. “Ok… Maybe i’ll cut this part out later.” Connor stated as he ruined the moment.  You can tell that  he clicked the end button. “Nice show! Except for the uh… last part.” He exited the room probably about to download the video onto his computer.

“You’re really talented!” I said giving Sara a hug.

“Aw thanks! You are also! I could never learn a song on piano that fast.” She said.

“Do you play?”


“I can teach you sometime!”

“That’d be nice!” A few minutes later I felt a buzz in my pocket and it was a notification from youtube.

“Hey look Connor posted it!” I cheered and motioned for Sara to look.

“Wait… Connor cut out the last part right?” She questioned.

“Uh.. doesn’t look like it.” I said as the video showed Sara and I kissing.

“Uh.. oh..”

“WE’RE EXPOSED!!” Sara yelled waving a fist in the air.

“Let’s check the comments.” I suggested. We scrolled down to look at the comments fans left. Some read, ‘She doesn’t really love him’ ‘Attention whore’ ‘Back off bitch’ ‘This is all cliche’ ‘Bullshit’ ‘Ew. I’m gonna stop listening to The Vamps now’  ect…

“Wow..” Sara looked downward.

“Hunnybun. I know you like me. Since we are dating, you have to get used to the hate. It’s all apart of the music buisness.”

“I know, this is all new for me.” She said quietly. “But I want your fans to like us as a couple. I don’t want your fans not to listen to your band because of me. Brad, I don’t think this is going to work out. I think we rushed into this.”

“Hold up! Wait! Are you breaking up with me?”

“No! I just think we should think about this.” She stated.

“I agree.” I stated and I cuddled her in my arms.



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