Can you save me?(niall horan fanfic)

Hi my name is ellie i uesed to love my life...but it all went upside down when the people i loved had to leave me. Now know one can change the way i am.. Or can they?. Im in my room staring at the silver object i call my best friend.


5. setiling in


"Niall why did you bring this girl to are flat ? " liam askes " oh well i bumped into her and asked her if she was ok and we was talking when i found out she had no where to go so i offered for her to come here"niall said "oh ok" louis replied we was stud there for about 3 mins when liam said about watching a film. After 10 mins we picked saw 2!

10 mims into the film and i alredy fell sick "ahh" i scream i carnt belive i just screamed. All the boys looked at my and started laughing. I was starting to get really tyered


We was watching saw when i felt ellies head on my chest i told the boys i was going to go to bed so i carred her up the sterrs into my room . "Wake up!!!!" Is all hear when i fell cold water on my face! "What the hell?!?" I scream " you nedeed to wake up its 12 and ellie is down starrs. i jump up and run down starrs to see her sitting down watching tv " morning " she say so softly " morning beautifull" i reply WAIT !!!!! What did i just say ?!? Yes she is beautiful but thats embarasing isnt it ?!? Anyway i lool up to see what she os doing and her face is as red as a tomato aww she is so cute when she blushes.. Hold on do i like her? No i carnt ive nown her for pess than a day i carnt can i ? Or can i ? What am i saying im falling for her more and more every seconed !!

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