Can you save me?(niall horan fanfic)

Hi my name is ellie i uesed to love my life...but it all went upside down when the people i loved had to leave me. Now know one can change the way i am.. Or can they?. Im in my room staring at the silver object i call my best friend.


1. run away

Hi my name is ellie i hade a great life untill everything changed. They left me..they said they loved me. I wated 5 years for them then i stoped when i found out that the person i have to call 'dad' that kidnaped me killed them befor he got to me..

Ellies POV*

"ELLIE!!"he called i didnt want to go, you see i was terrified of what he would do when i got there. "ELLIE get your ass here NOW !! " thats it ive spent 5 years liveing in this prison its time to leave. I got my only bag and paked everything i needed. I got to my window and looked down "its not that big of a jump" and "you can do this" i keped telling myself . So i did it i jumped . "Ahhhhhhhhh" i screamed in pain i think i broke my ancel , but i need to run, just as far away from this place as i can then ill find a tree to sleep under for the night.

Nialls POV*

I told the boys i was going on a walk because i couldnt go to sleep. I was turning a corner when i bumped into a girl she fell to the floor " im so sorry" i said helping her up she just put a fake smile on to say its ok but i could see there was somthing wrong , she was beautiful i dodnt no what to say so i just asked what was wrong. She replied with " oh um um n-nuthing j-just dont now where im going to go tonight "

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