Can you save me?(niall horan fanfic)

Hi my name is ellie i uesed to love my life...but it all went upside down when the people i loved had to leave me. Now know one can change the way i am.. Or can they?. Im in my room staring at the silver object i call my best friend.


3. he saved me

Ellis POV*

" let me help you i know we only just met but i feel like i need to prtotect you, come to mine and we can talk? To get to no each other?" That is when i reallise who it is its only the one and only niall horan the boy who has saved me and is the only reason i am alive right ghis second..!

"Ummm y-yeah ok but wyy do u want to help me out of all the pritty girls you say you want to help me i mean im just the fat,ugly no body that no one like?" You are not ugly nor fat you are beatiful and i think i like you..i no we only no each other for what 10 mins ? But i feel somthing towards you"

Doid he just say that he feels somthing towards me nah im probly just mistaken anyway i carnt say no to somwhere to sleep can i ? " thanks , and ok " " so whats your name he asked me " ellie " i say " and your niall horan right ?" " yeah i am how did you no ? " " im a directioner, you guys helped me live " " aww how come what happened ?" He said " sorry but i dont really want to speak about it not now mabey later?" I didnt really want to tell him, i mean ive been speaking to him for onlg what 15 mins? " ok " he said after about 2 mins we was there at his flat wow i never new he owned so many flats and that he had one this close to me " hey guys meet ellie " he said. This os it im about to meet my live savers aked cool aled cool ellie i keeped telling myself " hey" liam said and they all said the same till i got to louis and he gave me a hug at the same time as eating a carrot is that? Yes it is a carrot i new that boy was strange but really louis a carrot ?

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