Valintines day

Just a story about valentines day in the titans tower.


3. training

Beastboy's pov:

Soon the door to the training room opened and there was robin followed by the girls. I started to lift more weights to maybe draw some attention. It didn't work. The girls both went over and worked on leg work outs. Man I really liked legs for some reason. I watched starfire kick for a while then I noticed raven glaring at me. Crap. She then went back to her cartwheels and kicks.

I decided it was time to move on to combat skills so went over to the punching bag. Raven was there. I didn't even realize she had been done with her leg exercises. "Hey up for letting me help you beat the crap out of this bag?" I asked.

" sure I guess"

I stared to hit the bag with my fist and she hit it on the other side so it would go back and forth between us. "Hey Rae wanna hear a joke?"

"Ugh "

"So why did the clown go to the hospital?"

" ..." She said nothing.

"Cause he broke his funny bone! Hahaha" I laughed at my amazing joke. Raven rolled her eyes.

Starfire's pov: I watched robin train. He was quite handsome. I began to wonder how he would ask me out. I wanted to go and talk to him but he was doing the beating up of the punching dumby. I noticed cy lifting the weights on the other side of the room and beastboy and raven hitting the punching bag back and forth. I think that they would make an adorable couple. I wonder why neither of them have asked each other to go on the date. I wish that robin would ask me out on the date. I sighed. I could see us now at the pizza place laughing and smiling.

Robin's pov:

I could feel starfire's eyes on me. That just pushed me to work harder. Maybe she likes strong guys. I looked around the training room I could tell everyone had work really hard. It has been nearly two hours. I think it was time to rest. "Hey nice work everyone."I said "up for some lunch?"

"Ohh yes I am quite hungry." Said starfire clapping her hands together.

"How about some tofu?" Beastboy said.

"How about no tofu." Said raven.

"I am thinking pizza." Stated cy.

"Pizza it is." I said.

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