Valintines day

Just a story about valentines day in the titans tower.


8. the party is almost over

Kid flash's pov:

I had been talking to jinx the whole party. How could I not have. She was beautiful. Especially in her pink dress. It went out and and down to her knees. It had a black belt and she wore a black lace shall.

Soon All of Me started to play. I couldn't help my self I had to ask her to dance. Before I knew it we where gliding along the dance floor. I had an idea. It was brilliant. I sped out of the tower and through the town. I grabbed a single rose from someone's yard. I ran back to the tower. I stoped in front of jinx and bowed in front of her presenting the rose. "Jinx will you be my girlfriend?" She took the flower.


Raven's pov:

I never thought that a dance would be so amazing. Starfire and robin where together. Jinx and kid flash got together. Cyborg and bumble bee. Even Jericho and kole. Things where good. Beastboy was surprisingly light on his feet. The song ended and I was disappointed. I had wanted to continue dancing. We walked to the couch and sat together just kinda watching everyone. He had his arm around me and I leaned my head against his shoulder. Things where perfect.

"So it looks like pretty much everyone gets there happy ending." He said.

"Yeah. I guess so." I looked at the time. Wow 8:47. The party would technically end at nine but it was a sleep over deal. Boys and girls would be separated tho. Us girls will be in star's room and the boys wanted the living room sense there is more of them. A few of the girls didn't stay either. Like pantha said that she doesn't do slumber parties. "So what are you and the boys gonna do tonight?"

"Oh we will just probably watch movies play video games and talk about girls." He had a smirk on his face.

"Oh is that so?"

"Yeah it's what us guys do."

"Haha ok. But trust me us girls will talk about you boys."

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