Valintines day

Just a story about valentines day in the titans tower.


4. the girls

~later that day~

Robin's pov:

I walked into the living room hoping to get some tv time when I saw the girls crying on the couch. They had boxes of chocolate and tissues surrounding them. I looked up at the tv and saw that they where watching the notebook. Then I noticed more people. All the girls where there not just raven and star. Almost every girl Titan. Bumble bee, argent, kole, jinx. Most of them where all there sobbing. I decided not to interrupt so I just went to get a snack. Cy walked in and took it all in. He looked over at me with a confused look. I shrugged my shoulders. Some of the titans I saw crying I couldn't imagine them shedding a tear so it was pretty weird for me. I saw cyborg staring at bee and I let out a small laugh. They all turned around. I hadn't realized they didn't see me enter. I blushed out of embarrassment. "Hi girls I wasn't expecting you all till later."

Many of them quickly wiped their tears looking ashamed that they had been crying.

" oh robin I invited the girls over early so we could watch movies and talk together before the party." Said star with a small smile.

"Ok then I think cyborg and I will just leave you girls alone and we will tell beastboy to stear clear."

"Oh thank you robin" exclaimed starfire.

Raven's pov:

Normally I wouldn't watch a romantic movie it's to dangerous for my emotions, but today I knew I would be fine. I had meditated for hours the day before. After the movie ended we started to talk. About boys.

"Who do you think is the cutest star?" Asked kole.

"Oh I think robin is the cutest. He makes me quite happy and gives me the butterflies."

"Ooooooh" said most of the girls in unison.

Kole piped up again, " I think Jericho is absolutely adorable. I like shy guys."

Giggles where heard all around the room.

I didn't giggle. I don't giggle.

"Jinx I think we all know who you find the attractive." Starfire wiggles her eyebrows in jinx's direction.

"Yeah guilty. Kid flash has got me going. He is just perfect." Jinx let out a sigh. I couldn't help but smile. Love is just amazing. It is too bad that I will not find love. Even though I do often think of a boy. "So bumble bee I think cyborg is going to finally ask you out." I said. Bee started to blush.

"Man if sparky does grow the balls to ask me I will definitely say heck yeah."

"Friend raven do you wish for anyone to ask you?" Starfire asked.

I thought about it. "No. Plus who would ask me nobody thinks about me that way. I'm not really the prettiest girl."

"Girl I think I know some one who has the hots for you." Stated bee.

"Yeah like who?" I was curious now.

"Beastboy. Have you seen the way he looks at you. He is practically begging for your attention."

I could feel my face go red. I did like beastboy. I tried my best to keep him out of my mind. " really?" Is all I could say.

"Mmhhmm" Bee looked pretty sure of what she was talking about.

"Ok you have to promise to keep this between us." Every one in the room nodded and waited for me to continue "I do have a crush on beastboy. I have for a while after the whole thing with malchior. It really feels good to get that off my chest."

" eeeeeeeeek!!!" Starfire flew into the air. "You two will make the cutest couple."

We then heard a knock at the door. It was time for the party and none of us where in our dresses yet. We all ran to stars room and began to get ready. The boys let the guest in.

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