Valintines day

Just a story about valentines day in the titans tower.


11. the end

Starfire's pov:

I felt like I was moving. Then it felt like I stopped. It must be time for me to get up and find out what is going on. I open my eyes and look around. I'm in the evidence room. But why? I look around and see robin looking at me. The two of us are alone. He then sits down beside me.

" happy valentines day" he says.

I lean closer to him and then he plants his lips on mine. Oh what a glorious feeling! We pull apart and I smile. I don't know how I ended up in this room but I don't care. This day has been perfect.

Cyborgs pov:

"How did I get here sparky?"

"Um well you see it was Beastboy's idea. Don't be mad. Uh um sorry. I love you. " I can't believe u just said that. Wow cyborg great job keeping your feelings in.

"You do?" Bees eyes became soft.


She grabbed me and pulled me close and planted a kiss on my face. Best. Day. Ever.

Beastboy's pov:

"Um beastboy what am I doing in your room?!?"

"Well it was a prank you know and gosh darn it you weren't supposed to wake up till I left."

She just looked at me. Then she motioned for me to join her on the floor. I plopped down next to her. "So your not mad?" I asked.

"No I don't mind spending time with you."

Man I wanted to kiss her but I'm afraid she won't want to or something could go wrong, but then she started to lean in towards me. I know what's about to happen.

Ravens pov:

I knew I shouldn't, but I also knew that I did. I'm leaning in and he knows what's happening. Before u can think to pull away our lips meet. This is my first kiss, and it's amazing. We pull apart and he smiles.

"Wow." He says.

My checks are red. I look at the clock and it's midnight. Valentines day us over but it was by far the best one of my life.


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