Valintines day

Just a story about valentines day in the titans tower.


6. taking a chance

Raven's pov:

I sat on the couch and watched. Starfire would look at me and smile real big when robin asked her to dance. At least I know she will have a happy ending.

"Hey raven." I heard a raspy voice from behind me. I turned and saw beastboy with a goofy grin on his face. Gosh why did I like him. Sure he is kinda cute and even though I would never admit it, he is funny. He is so nice to me even when I'm not nice to him. There is no way he likes me.

"Hi beastboy."

"So um raven do you wanna dance?"

"Sorry but I don't dance."

"Awe come in Rae Rae there is a first time for everything."

He is right I really did want to dance but I don't think my emotions could handle it. Awe well.

"Yeah ok I guess I'll make an exception. Just for today though."

"Really? Wow. This will be so fun. Come on." I could tell he was surprised. I stood up and took his arm. I felt like exploding but I stayed calm. The song was Love You Like a Love Song by Selena Gomez. Starfire really liked that song for some reason. Because it was a fast song we hast kinda moved slightly boning out heads. There isn't much to do for a fast song. We talked the whole time.

"So raven, we never talk that often we almost never get the chance. This is nice."

"Well we have mainly different interests so yeah I guess it is kinda nice."

"So what do you like. You never know I could like something you like."

"Ok. Well I like reading and tea."

"Oh come on there has to be more than that. Tell me what um kinda movies you like."

"Um I like movies that make you think."

"Ok well I do too." I raised an eyebrow. "Yeah I do. Like mysteries."

"Ok I can understand that."


Cyborg's pov:

Bee was having a blast and she was beautiful. Then the song changed. It was All of Me by John Legend. Bee looked up at me and I knew that we where going to dance together. She pulled me close and we slow danced together. "Hey um bee,"

"Yeah" she looked up with her big brown eyes.

"I was wondering if maybe you would like to go out with me sometime maybe??"

"Are you asking me to be your girlfriend, sparky?"

"Yeah I am."

"Then yes I would really love that." I smiled and couldn't stop.

Robin's pov:

When All of Me started to play I started to slow dance with star. It was great. I decided it was time to ask her. "Um star?"

"Yes Robin?"

"Well we have been team mates for a while now and well I don't think I wanna be team mates anymore."

"You what?" Starfire looked hurt. Crap I didn't mean it like that.

"Uh no I meant that I want to be more than just team mates. I want to be, uh I want us to be boyfriend and girlfriend." I was so sure I had messed that up.

"I would really love that robin." She smiled and I knew that things where going to be great.

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