Valintines day

Just a story about valentines day in the titans tower.


9. slumber party

Starfire's pov:

It was already nine. That meant that us girls would be heading to my room and leave the boys in the living room. I was sad to leave robin but also excited for the night of fun festivities the girls and I have planed. The girls and I laid out out bags of sleeping and changed out of our dresses. There are six of us. Raven, Argent, Bumble Bee, Kole, Jinx, and me.

"So tonight was charming." Said kole.

"Oh yes. I quite agree." I replied. "Tonight was magnificent."

"I must say it was nice." Ravens checks turned red.

"You girls have no idea how much I need to tell you." Stated jinx who was admiring a beautiful rose.

"Oh girl same here. Y'all are gonna love my story." Bumble Bee had a giant smile spread across her face.

Ravens pov:

I sat there and listened as each girl shared their romance stories. I was very happy for them all.

After each girl had spoken they looked at me.


"Oh you must tell us about your evening as well friend raven. We wish to know all about you and beastboy."

"Oh um." My face was warm.

"Girl we saw you two dancing together. You can't deny that there is something between y'all." Said bee with her eyebrows raised.

"Did he ask you out?" Asked kole.

"Well he did ask me out."

"What did you say?" Asked jinx

" um I said yes."

Starfire's face changed from curious to overjoyed in a number of seconds. The other girls smiled but nothing compared to star.

"How glorious. You two shall get married and have seven children. And I shall be auntie star. And I will love my nieces and nephews very much!"

"Woah. Slow down star. We only started dating tonight." I couldn't help but smile anyways.

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