Valintines day

Just a story about valentines day in the titans tower.


7. beastboy and raven

Beastboy's pov:

I was pretty shocked when raven said she would dance with me. I was also screaming with joy on the inside. I mean this girl was gorgeous. She wore a dark purple strapless dress. It had sparkles that made it shimmer in the light. It was knee length. Then All of Me started to play. I was sure that raven would leave then but she didn't. So I held out my hand as an invitation to dance. And she took it!!! It was amazing. We slow danced."hey raven I was wondering if maybe um maybe you would like to go out with me some time??"

Raven's pov:

My emotions where exploding to the max. He had asked me out. I should say no. I have to say no. Bad things will happen. "Oh beastboy."

"Yeah?" I could feel his sadness and I knew then that he would always keep trying and that he really cared for me.

"Yes I will date you. But don't think I will play video games with you."

"Oh my gosh ok. Wow." He started to smile with his adorable goofy grin.

I looked around and saw that almost everyone was in someone's arms. I think that things are going to work out.

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