Elsa's Love Story

Hi, I'm Elsa and I'm in love with this boy named Jack Frost. I'm not really sure if he loves me back. My sister Anna is already married to Christoph and now I'm so lonely, except I do have Olaf to talk to. So this Story is gonna be about how mine and Jack's relationship got started....


2. Wedding Day

Dear Diary,

Today is the day my lovely sister, Anna, gets married. You know what, I'm actually very happy that she is marrying someone she loves, other than marrying someone who would just use her to do the dirty work for their country. Like her first boyfriend, who I did not like at all...

Prince Hans was a man who was going to let her die..

I didn't mean to shoot her with my ice sickle in the heart, When I get totally worked up, I will loose control. I mean now starting to think about it I am actually working on my control.


I'm afraid to fall in love... What if we break up, how will powers and I react?? I don't want to hurt anyone or in that matter get hurt from anyone...



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