Elsa's Love Story

Hi, I'm Elsa and I'm in love with this boy named Jack Frost. I'm not really sure if he loves me back. My sister Anna is already married to Christoph and now I'm so lonely, except I do have Olaf to talk to. So this Story is gonna be about how mine and Jack's relationship got started....


3. Meeting Jack

Elsa pov

"Elsa come here there is someone here I want to meet!" said Anna.

"Be down in a minute!" I replied.

I walk down the stairs and see this gorgeous boy right infront of my sister and her husband. I was shocked I thought it could be  love at first sight. No I need to get myself together.

I walk down the stairs and say," Hi, I'm Elsa"

"I know" he replies.

We talk for another hour or so and then he asks me if I want to hang out sometime and I say yes of course...

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