Dance my heart away

Keiaira Hobbs is 18 and a dancer. She has been dancing since she could walk. She is looking for a good dance job and see the pefect opportunity when Justin Bieber is looking for a lead dancer! She takes a shot and makes it! What will happen when she starts to hang with the Bieber crew?


11. Waking up.

Keiaira P.O.V:

"Please wake up baby!" I heard a voice call. Then I felt some one rubbing my head. I fluttered my eyes open to see Justin rubbing my head. "KEIAIRA! Your awake! Oh baby, you don't know how worried I was..." He pecked my lips and I looked to my right to see Ryan and my left to see Chaz. "Thank god. Now I can take a piss. Justin wouldn't let me leave unless you woke." Chaz said annoyed. He walked away and so did Ryan so it was just me and Justin.


Justin P.O.V:

I can't believe Alfredo brought some girl on tour, so I could cheat on Keiaira with her, but let me tell you, I don't like blondes even if I am drunk so, so sad to bad. I helped Keiaira up and Kasey and Alfredo were sitting on the couch watching our every move. "Oh my god, Keiaira  why did you faint chicka?" Kasey said in a horrid Spanish accent. "Ummm... I just remembered something and I don't know I sorta fainted..." Keiaira mumbled. "Oh well, we were all scared. Never do that again okay?" Alfredo asked her. "No promises, ass..." Keiaira whispered. "What?" Alfredo asked, annoyed. "I said, okay..." She said louder. Then she walked away into our room. I walked over to the couch and picked Alfredo up by the collar and spat in his face,


"Listen here you little prick, Keiaira is MINE. You are too late. She loves me not you so get use to the fact that she will never ever love you. We heard what you and this little slut were saying and that's why she fainted. She was scared I would actually cheat on her with this little whore but guess what? I don't even like blondes so if you even wanted me to cheat why didn't you find some one that actually can compare to Keiaira's beauty.. Oh wait that's NO ONE! Oh yeah and whats you name again? Kasey? Well, you better leave my girlfriend alone, you don't know what she can do. Did you see the guy with the busted lip and bleeding nose? Thats what she did when he was being sexist. So I suggest you get this thing off my bus before I call security to have both you removed and dropped off at the nearest airport."


They stared at me and Kasey bit her lip and said, "I love a man who can take charge..." "THAT'S FUCKING IT!" I yelled. I walked over to the phone and dialed Scooters bus number. "Hello?" He answered. "We need to get pulled over, Alfredo and his slut need to be kicked off tour." I yelled. "We can't just kick off Alfredo. He's you video and photographer. I thought he was your friend?" Scooter asked confused. He is so unhooked from my situation. "HE WAS NEVER MY FRIEND. WE ARE GETTING PULLED OVER AND KICKING HIS ASS OFF MY TOUR BUS OR YOU AND YOUR WHOLE CREW WILL BE SUED!" I screamed. "Okay, okay, pulling over right now..." Then he hung up.


I slammed the phone down and said, "I suggest you guys pack because L.A. is where your headed next." They nodded scared and ran off to their room. I walked back to my room and saw Keiaira sitting on the bed with tears in her eyes. I ran up to her and hugged her tight. "This day has been horrible, babe..." She said, sniffing. "But it will become better because, Alfredo and whatever her name is leaving. Just you, me, Ryan, and Chaz." I said. I kissed her neck and I heard her giggled. Then I felt the bus stop moving. I got up and grabbed Keiaira's hand and we walked into the living room to see, the slut and Alfredo with all their belongings and getting off the bus. We walked off behind them and Scooter and mom were standing in front of them talking. 


"Okay, quick question... Why is Alfredo and his 'slut' being kicked off?" Mom asked, looking over at me and Keiaira, then she saw our fingers intertwined and gasped. "Okay, okay... Well, me and Keiaira have been seeing each other for a while, and we started to date today, and Alfredo decided he needed to make me cheat so he brought this chick on tour to make me cheat which will never happen. We can find a different video and photographer for tour Scooter. But please I can't have these two on my tour, they will make things a hell of a lot harder. They already are with Ashten on tour..." I said. Mom looked at me with a smile and Scooter was in deep thought. 


"Alfredo, Kasey, you two will be off to L.A. in a taxi. I'm calling one right now." Scooter said pulling out a his phone. We all stood in silence as Scooter made the call. When Scooter got off the phone, my mom said, "Justin, I'm very proud of you." I smiled and said, "Thanks mom. That really means a lot. I also love Keiaira a whole lot so I could lose her over a little thing like this. I would probably go nuts with out her in my bed." Every one laughed, and Keiaira blushed. Then the taxi came and Alfredo and Kasey climbed in the back. "They are headed to the nearest airport, sir." Scooter said. The man nodded and they drove off. 


"Okay, lets get this show on the road!" Mom said. We nodded and got on our buses. Once we got on our bus, Keiaira walked towards the bathroom. "I have to take a shower..." She said. "Can I join? You know save water?" I smirked. She giggled and said, "No... Not today, I have to get the smell of sex off me. Next time..." I winked, and she went in the shower. I walked over to Ryan's room to hear him and Chaz talking. I decided to eavesdrop. What? It's not like their not gonna say anything bad... Right? 


"Haha! Did you see the way, Keiaira beat your ass?" Ryan asked. Chaz huffed and said, "I swear to god if she wasn't Justin's girlfriend I woulda punched her square in the face and broke that pretty little face!" "Oooo, some ones booty tickled!" Ryan bellowed laughing. "No, I'm being serious. Keiaira is so cocky and a annoying bitch. I don't even see what Justin sees in her, Hes probably just in it for the sex, like I would be..." Chaz said. My whole body shook with anger. What the fuck? I'm not in it for the sex, even though it is a plus. She not cocky, and definitely not a annoying bitch. "Dude I gotta disagree. Justin seems really happy with her." Ryan said sticking up for me, like a true best friend. "Yeah, well hes just happy his hitting it every night. Plus I bet Keiaira is a slut, she probably decided to lure Justin in. I say we expose her for who she really is..." Chaz laughed. 


"Dude, I'm serious. I think that Keiaira isn't a slut and Justin really likes her. And if Justin heard you saying all these things he would go ape shit on you..." Ryan said. "Oh so now your sticking up for Keiaira? Have you had sex with the slut too? Seriously dude get your facts straight. Its bros before hoes. Clearly Justin forgot that pact we made in middle school, but I didn't so I'm gonna expose her and Justin will break up with her ugly, annoying, sluty ass!" Chaz yelled. "What the fuck?" I heard a faint whisper behind me I turned around to see Keiaira with tears in her eyes dressed in this.

She pushed past me and opened the door to find, Ryan and Chaz sitting on the floor talking. "Oh my fucking god Keiaira and Justin! We were just talking about you two, lovely couple by the way!" Ryan said nervous. "Cut the fucking crap. I am NOT a slut, I have NEVER fucked Ryan, and you better watch your fucking ass Chaz. I bet your ass once and I can do it again harder." Keiaira yelled. "How are you not a slut? Your super flexible, you have big ass and you dress like you wanna show everything on your body. Plus you and Justin have sex like fucking jack rabbits!" Chaz yelled getting in her face.


"Well, lets get one thing straight, Chaz, One: I'm a dancer that's why I'm so god damn flexible, Two: Having a big ass doesn't mean your a slut. It just means you were blessed with having a wonderful asset that guys seem to adore, Three: I NEVER dress like I wanna show everything. Do I show case my boobs? No. Do I show off my ass? No. If anything I dress like a white chick! And four: So your saying I'm a slut because I like to have sex with my boyfriend? The one I'm committed to? The one I said, I love you too? Well, then I'm sorry I'm considered a slut to you but around the world I'm considered a fucking normal 18 year old. So cut with the fucking shit. We will never be cool ever again. Fuck you and fuck everything about this fucking tour I'm fucking done!" Keiaira yelled running out of the room. The room was dead silent, then I got up and walked over to Chaz and said, "I heard everything you said. You are no longer my friend. I don't even know what to say to you any longer. I suggest you stay away from Keiaira and me the whole tour." Then I walked out of the room and in me and Keiaira's.


I closed the door around to find Keiaira packing her bag. "Baby, what are you doing?" I asked coming up behind her and she turning around and said, "This fucking place is hell. Why does everyone hate me? I wanna go home!" I picked her up and sat her on the bed, then I responded, "Baby, you better not leave me! Do you know how hard it will be to go a whole year with out you laying in my bed? With out you kissing my lips? With out you dancing next to me on stage? I will go crazy. I will go insane. Thats how much I would miss you. You can't stop your dream just because of one roadblock in the way. You are such an amazing dancer and you are my amazing girlfriend. Please stay on tour with me? Please?" She looked at me deep in the eyes and said, "Your so lucky I love you more then the world its self." I grinned and picked her up and kissed her lips. Then we felt the bus stop moving.


"Looks like were at the hotel..." I said, smiling at Keiaira. "Yeah, I guess it does." She smiled. I dropped her and we walked out of the room into the living room and we looked out the window to see a dinner place. "Huh?" I asked. Keiaira shrugged and we both walked out of the bus and Scooter said, "We are gonna have dinner here. Oh and there was a few changes. We will not be staying in any hotels during this tour, we will be strictly staying in the buses, for money purposes." We all nodded and then he continued, "Every get dressed nicely and meet back out here in 30 minutes, so we can eat." We were getting back on out bus when an arm touch me. I looked over to see Ashten wearing this.

"So Keiaira is on a bus with you? Don't you wish that was me baby?" She asked. He hand rubbed down my arm. "Uh, how about no." I walked onto the bus and slammed the door on her face. Then me and Keiaira started to get ready.


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