Dance my heart away

Keiaira Hobbs is 18 and a dancer. She has been dancing since she could walk. She is looking for a good dance job and see the pefect opportunity when Justin Bieber is looking for a lead dancer! She takes a shot and makes it! What will happen when she starts to hang with the Bieber crew?


15. Talk with Ashten./Concert!

Justin P.O.V:

Keiaira and I walked into The Female dancers bus with Katie behind us and we walked to Ashten's room to her her moaning, "Uhhh... Spencer! Uh right there!" Then Spencer respond, "Baby, oh yeah, fuck me..." I was so confused. Why would she try to ruin my relationship when she is having sex with Spencer. Keiaira bust open the door to find Spencer on top of Ashten. They both turned around and Ashten said, "Oh my god Justin, its not what it looks like!" "Listen, I don't give a fuck. My question here is why are you having sex with Spencer, when your trying to ruin my relationship?" I asked. "Well, to be honest, I really don't like you. I just wanna have sex with you so I can brag to my friends back home. But I like Spencer..." Ashten said, looking at Spencer. Spencer blushed and looked at Keiaira, "Same with you and me Keiaira. Never gonna happen." "Okay... Well Ashten let me tell you something, You aren't gonna have sex with me so just brag to them that you kissed me. I love Keiaira." She nodded and said, "Okay, that makes since. Can you guys leave so we can fuck?" We laughed and said, "Yeah." We left and walked back on to our bus. I ran Keiaira back to our room. I shut the door and locked it.


Then I started to kiss her roughly. Her hands roamed under my shirt and slipped it off. Her tongue glided over my bottom lip and she bit my lip in the process. "Umm.. Can we fuck please?" I asked. I sounded really needy, but I was. I missed her body and her kisses. Plus I was so horny words can't even describe. "Yes, daddy.." She moaned. She slipped off her crop top and bra, letting her sexy ass boobs fall out of it. We were both shirtless and I liked it. Then I slipped off my jeans and boxers as she slipped off her shorts and thong. I still had my snapback on but I don't care. "Baby, I have never given you head... Wanna try it?" Keiaira asked. I never have had head before, Selena hated to give men head so she never gave me it. "Uhh.. I never had head before..." I whispered. "Oh my god.. Really? Selena never gave you head?" "No, she didn't like to give men head..." I said, embarrassed. "Well, I'll give you the best head you ever had." She said. She kissed down my lips, to my stomach, to my lower stomach finally to my dick. It was growing it size and she kissed the tip and swirled her tongue around it. Then she took my dick all the way in her mouth so she was deep throating. "Ohhh... Babe, you give the best head EVER!" I yelled. He teeth slid against my shaft and I could feel myself about to cum. "Babe, babe, I'm about to, cum..." I moaned. After 3 minutes I cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it and kissed my lips, so I could taste my own juices. 


She unlatched our lips and said, "I wanna give you a show..." I nodded, grinning and she took out a c-d player and put in a c-d and the song, "Dance for you" By: Beyonce came on. She sat me on the bed and she started to give me a lap dance. She grinded her pussy on my dick and pulled on my hair. Then she turned around so her her ass was on my dick and rubbed up and down. She popped her but up and down. "Oooo... Damn papi.. I wanna fuck you so hard..." She whispered. She turned around, so she was straddling me again and grinded her pussy so hard on my growing dick that it was red. "Damn, baby... Oooo... Your so dirty..." I whimpered. My hands made there way up to her hair and pulled on it making her moan, "Fuck daddy..." "Who's you daddy?" I asked. "You!" She moaned. "Yell it!" I screamed. "JUSTIN BIEBER IS MY FUCKING DADDY!" She screamed. I picked her up and threw her on the bed and pushed my dick in her soaking pussy. She cummed right away but I kept going. "Fuck... Fuck... Daddy... DADDY!" She screamed. "Baby.... Baby... Fuck make this dick feel good..." I moaned. I cummed and then I pulled out of her. 


"Justin, you need to do sound check!" We heard Scooter yell through the door, then added, "Oh and make sure you use a condom." OH MY FUCKING GOD! Every time we fucked we never used a condom. We both looked at each other with scared looks on our faces. Keiaira changed into the same out fit and so did I. We walked out to find my mom and Scooter sitting on the couch waiting. 


"Justin, I hope you used a condom..." My mom said. "Umm..." I trailed off. "WHAT? YOU COULD HAVE POSSIBLY GOTTEN KEIAIRA PREGNANT?" Scooter yelled. "Scooter, I figured this out when I got my period, when I'm really active I probably won't get pregnant. I can only get pregnant if I haven't danced in 1 month." Keiaira explained. We all nodded and Scooter said, "Okay so your fine? Are you sure?" "I'm positive." Keiaira said. We walked into sound check and I did sound check. 


Keiaira P.O.V:

After that, we all had to get ready for the concert I slipped on my outfit for All Around The World and as Justin slipped on his wings I ran up to him and pecked him on the lips and said, "I love you and have a good first show baby!" "I love you too, baby!" He said. I nodded and got in my spot. Soon the concert started and Justin did amazing, and he was right, once I started dancing I couldn't stop. Soon we were dancing to Beauty and a Beat and When the 'body rock' part came I jumped by Justin's side and started to body rock next to him. He pulled me in so close I felt his dick on my butt. After the part was over, I tried to pull away but Justin kept me there. When the song was over just heard the screaming and he yelled, "Everyone I would like to introduce you to someone that is very special to me. Her name is Keiaira, and she is my girlfriend!" All of a sudden everyone booed and saying things like, "Ugly!" "Slut, trying to steal Justin!" "Fake ass whore!" I ran off the stage with tears in my eyes and I heard Justin say, "Kei! Wait!" I ran backstage to my dressing room and shut the door.


Then seconds later someone knocked on the door. "Baby! It's me... Please open the door?" Justin asked. I went over to the door and opened it. Justin was standing there with tears in his eyes too. "Baby, I know they didn't mean it. They will get use to you!" He said. I pulled him in and kissed him passionately. "Te amo Justin." I said. "I love you too Kei." I changed into my next outfit and we continued the concert.

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