Dance my heart away

Keiaira Hobbs is 18 and a dancer. She has been dancing since she could walk. She is looking for a good dance job and see the pefect opportunity when Justin Bieber is looking for a lead dancer! She takes a shot and makes it! What will happen when she starts to hang with the Bieber crew?


19. Should we?

Keiaira P.O.V:

Justin took my hand and stood me up again and said, "We can always secretly date?" I stood there thinking. "Kei, think about it. I love you. Way more then you can ever imagine. You are who I wanna be with, not Selena." Justin said. His hand rubbed on top of mine and he whispered, "Damn, Your hands are soft.." I chuckled still thinking. "Yes." I said. "Huh?" Justin asked. "You are soooo stupid Justin, Yes I wanna secretly date you!" I screamed. I jumped on him and his hand met my ass carrying me.  "Damn Justin, you couldn't let me at least try to hit that?" Chaz asked. "First of all, I'm not stupid. I know you were just confronting me so you can have sex, which was never going to happen." I chuckled. Chaz huffed and walked out of the room. 


Justin sat on the couch, and I straddled his lap. "Baby, sing to me..." I said. "What song?" "Any..." I said, running my hand through his messy hair. "I'm gonna sing a song that's not recorded or out yet okay, baby?" He asked. I nodded and he started, 


Focused, I'm focused
She got a body like that
I ain't never seen nothing like that
Like a fantasy in front of me
I think that something special is going down
That's right I think she foreign
Think she foreign, got passports
Mi amor started slow, got faster
She gon' work some more, work some more
No stopping her now, no stopping her now

I sat there and listened to his beautiful voice until he was finished. "How was that?" He asked. "Sexy. Cute. Sweet. Nice. And many more..." I said, kissing him in between each word. Justin smiled and blushed. Then his phone rang. Damn, I fucking hate his phone. 


Justin P.O.V:

"I have to get that..." I said. She got off annoyed and sat all the way on the other side of the couch. "I'm sorry baby... It might be Selena.." I said. She nodded and started to mess with her phone. "Hello?" I answered the phone. "Hey baby!" Selena cooed through the phone. "Hey Selena... Why'd you call?" I asked, just wanting to get off the phone with her. "I'm coming over! Right now baby! I'll see you in 3, 2,..." Then there was a knock on the bus door. 


I hung up and ran to my room and put on grey sweats. Then I ran back out and Keiaira was on her phone. "Selena is here, I'm sorry baby." I said. "Its fine." She said. I kissed her one last time, then I went to open the door. "Justin! I missed you baby!" Selena cooed, pulling me in. I hugged her back and I heard Keiaira clear her throat and stood up. "Oh, Selena Keiaira is staying on this bus." I simply stated. "She better not fucking try anything on my baby!" Selena pulled away from me and ran up to Keiaira. She pushed Keiaira and yelled, "Stay away from Justin. He doesn't like your ugly ass." 


I ran to Keiaira and helped her up. "Baby, you okay?" I asked her. She nodded and smiled. "WHAT THE HELL JUSTIN? I THOUGHT YOU WERE WITH ME?" Selena yelled, angry. "You know what? I don't give a fuck that you are having my kid. I will go to court so I can see my child. You can't take my child away just cause I'm not with you. I'm sorry Selena. I don't love you anymore. I love Keiaira and she is who I wanna be with." I said. Keiaira looked at me and said, "I love you too Justin." She kissed me and I kissed back. 


"UGHHH! Whatever Justin! I will see you in court!" Selena yelled as she walked out of the tour bus. Me and Keiaira kept kissing I pulled her up so I was holding her while kissing. I laid her on the couch gently and her hand landed on my ass. I removed my lips from her and started to lick and kiss down her neck. She started to breath heavy and moan. "Juu--sstin!" She moaned. I moved my hands to her shorts and unbuttoned them. 


"JUSTIN!" I pulled off of Keiaira to see Scooter standing there with his eyes closed. "Hi, Scoot what you need?" I asked, flustered. "Are you decent?" He asked. Keiaira quickly fixed herself, and I said, "Yes." He uncovered his eyes and said, "Next time if your gonna have sex, do it in your own room." Then he added, "I came here to tell you you have a bunch of interviews tomorrow. Like at least 3. Oh and they all wanna meet Keiaira so she's coming." "Okay..." I said. "So you too get your rest that means no fooling around. We get up at 6 am tomorrow." Then Scooter walked out of bus. "Wanna go to bed?" Keiaira asked.  I nodded, and we walked int our room and fell asleep. 

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