Dance my heart away

Keiaira Hobbs is 18 and a dancer. She has been dancing since she could walk. She is looking for a good dance job and see the pefect opportunity when Justin Bieber is looking for a lead dancer! She takes a shot and makes it! What will happen when she starts to hang with the Bieber crew?


5. Late Night at Justins

Justin P.O.V:

Keiaira pulled me up and said, "I'm coming to your house." I nodded and grinned wide, then we drove to my house. When we got there I opened the door and she pulled me on too the couch. She started to roughly kiss me as my hands roamed her curvy body. She unattached her lips from mine and said, "You know I'm really flexible babe..." My boner shot up 3 times bigger. She giggled and I grabbed her ass making her moan, "Justinn..."  "Tell me you like me better then Fredo!" I demanded. She flipped my shirt off and whispered in my ear, "I like you way better then Alfredo." She started to lick my chest as I unzipped her dress.


By the time her dress was off, I was fully unclothed. I unhooked her bra and saw her caramel breasts fall out of her bra. Then I slipped down her Victoria secret thong. "Mmm... You body is like a temple Keiaira.." I said looking at her body. "So I've been told..." She said as she pushed me back down on the couch. She sat on top of me and I inserted jerry into her tom. Then she started to jump up and down and ride me like a fucking sex goddess. "Ahh.. Justin.." "Babe.. Ohh god right there." I moaned back. She layed back and let me get on top. I thrusted in and out and continually moaned my name. "Faster!" She demanded. I did as told and soon she and I were at our highs. We rode out our climaxes and I flopped on top of her.


"Damn, Keiaira. Your a good fuck." I chuckled, against her chest. "You too.. Can I stay the night, cause my mom said I could stay the night at Fredo's, but I'm obviously not so..." "Of course.. I wouldn't fuck someone and push them out! Who do you think  I am?" I laughed, lifting my head to look at her. She shrugged and took time to study her beautiful face. Her brown eyes sparkle in the light, pink plump lips, high cheek bones and perfect button nose. Her natural beauty is stunning. I got off her and said, "Follow me, I'll let you borrow a shirt, grab your thong." I winked at the last part. She nodded and followed me to my room. I opened my drawers and found a grey V-neck and passed it to her. She got it and slipped it over her body. Then I got boxers and slipped them on.


We stood looking at each other for a long time till my phone vibrated. I looked at it and it was a text.



Babe, I'm really sorry. I obviously did something in order for you to cheat on me. I wanna work out whatever issue we have. Please text me back. I still love you...


I shook my head and Keiaira was looking at me still. "Who was that Justin?" "It was just Selena asking if we can 'work out the issue we have'. Which I don't wanna do, cause I don't want her any more." I said walking in front of her. My face was right in front of hers and she said, "Oh, I'm sorry.." I looked down and saw her nipples were erect through the shirt. I smirked and said, "Don't be.. It wasn't ment to be. But what is ment to be is me, you and that bed." Then my hand rose and pointed to the bed.


"Are we aloud to be having sex Justin?" She asked. "Scooter doesn't have to know." I smirked laying on the bed. Then I patted the spot next to me and she jumped on the spot and said, "So you just wanna have sex?" I nodded then added, "Well for right now.." She nodded and cuddled into my chest. My phone vibrated as someone was calling me. I looked and Alfredo was calling.

J: Hey Fredo

A: Hey, you have Keiaira?

J: Yea dude. Why?

A: Oh my god. Thank goodness. After I had my fun with that blonde. I realized you guys were gone. Where are you guys?

J: At home.

A: Don't tell me you guys fucked...

J: Well....

A: Really Justin? I liked her...

J: Well.. I kind of liked her before you so. Plus you had that blonde when I was with her at the club so I think that made her mad.

A: Whatever man remember if Scooter finds out he will be pissed. Also dance practice is tomorrow at 1 pm. Bye

Then he hung up. Dang someone's mad they didn't get any. Then I realized Keiaira was asleep in my chest I kissed her head and said, "Good night beautiful." and drifted off to sleep.


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