Dance my heart away

Keiaira Hobbs is 18 and a dancer. She has been dancing since she could walk. She is looking for a good dance job and see the pefect opportunity when Justin Bieber is looking for a lead dancer! She takes a shot and makes it! What will happen when she starts to hang with the Bieber crew?


20. Interviews..

Keiaira P.O.V:

I woke up to my alarm clock. I sat up and wiped my eyes. I looked on my left and saw Justin sound asleep. "Babe. Come on, get up." I said lightly shaking him. He stirred in his sleep and said, "Five more minutes." "Fine I'll go take a shower then after you have to be up." I said. He nodded and tossed over. I chuckled and got out of bed. I went into the bathroom and tossed off Justin's shirt and my underwear and got in the shower. 


After my shower I got out and grabbed the towel wrapping it around me. I slowly walked out of the bathroom to see Justin sitting on the bed on his phone. He looked up and said, "Baby, you look amazing!" I chuckled and said, "Your only saying that cause I'm naked..." He got up and walked over to me. He pulled me in and said, "So what? You do look amazing..." He lightly kissed my neck, feeling the goosebumps rise. "Justin! S-s-stop!" I giggled, as he wrapped his hands around my ass. "Drop the towel..." Justin huskily, growled. I felt his boner poke my thigh and I nodded, removing the towel. It dropped and my body got cold right away. Justin looked up and down my body, then moaned, "Fuck the living shit out of me baby..." I looked at the clock and saw it said 5:33. "Baby, later I swear. We gotta get going to the first interview." He frowned and said, "But I'm really horny right now..." "Baby, I know. But we have thirty minutes to meet Scooter on his bus. I swear on everything I will please you later." I said looking in his eyes. He nodded and started to walk into the bathroom. 


I felt bad, but we have a lot of interviews today. I walked into my closet and changed into this.

I walked out of the closet and saw Justin getting out of the shower. "Mind if I go in there?" I ask pointing to the bathroom. He shook his head and said, "I like your outfit. Very swaggy just like your boyfriend..." I rolled my eyes and he chuckled. As I walked past him I slapped his ass and whispered, "Thats my ass." "Of course it is and your ass is mine." He responded. I went in the bathroom and blow dried my hair. Then I teased my hair to give it more volume. I put my hat on, styling it so it looked girly but swaggy to. I put on foundation, winged-eyeliner, and bright red lipstick. Then I put on my jewelry. I  walked out and saw Justin in this. 

He walked past me into the bathroom and started to do his stuff. I sat on the bed and went on twitter. I tweeted some stuff and Justin walked out and said, "Ready." I looked up and nodded. He grabbed my hand and we walked out of our room at 6:06. Soon we were at Scooter bus, and he was waiting outside for us. "Well well, what do we have here? You two are 6 minutes late!" Scooter said, chuckling. "Calm down bro. Keiaira and me had to take showers and shit." Justin said looking at me. I chuckled and Scooter said, "Whatever, Your guys first interview is at Hollywood life. You will be driving with me. Lets go." We nodded and got in the back seat of Scooter's Range Rover. 


As we made our way there, the car was completely quiet so I said, "Hey Scoot can you turn on the radio?" He nodded and turned it on 106.1 FM. I have an idea.  As the radio turned on I waited till a song was in that was kinda loud, then I lightly put my hand over Justin's 'area'. He looked down and furrowed his eyebrows. "What are you doing?" He whispered, looking at me. "You'll see..." I whispered in his ear. I bit his earlobe and kissed his cheek. I started to lightly rub Jerry. Justin's face got red and bit his lip so he wouldn't moan. He placed his hand on top of my pussy and started to rub me as I rubbed him. Ugh... If only I could fuck him right now...


All of a sudden the car stopped and we whipped our hands off each other and on our laps. "Were here." Scooter said. We nodded and he added, "Also do that stuff when your alone please, geez. I mean I'm right here." I blushed in embarrassment and Justin said, "She started it." "Well, your the reason we were late because you wanted to have sex! I was giving you what you wanted earlier." I said, hitting his arm. "Ugh, you two are gross." Scooter said, getting out. Me and Justin burst out laughing and got out of the car.We walked back stage and and the backstage manger said, "Your on stage in 3 minutes." "Babe, I'm nervous..." I said gripping his hand. "Princess, you will do fine. You'll be yourself, and yourself is awesome." I nodded and kissed him on the lips. 


"Now we would like to introduce two of the most famous people in the world right now, here are Justin Bieber and Keiaira Hobbs!" The announcer said, and me and Justin made our way onto the stage and we sat on the couch. "Hello, I'm Jack and I'll be interviewing you two today. How is your day going so far?" "Our day is great Jack." Justin said, gripping my hand. "Good, okay we have some fan questions. One is When did you meet and what was your opinions?" Jack asked. "Well, we met when she tried out for lead dancer of my tour. My opinion on her was she was so beautiful and amazing. I wanted her; like a lot. She is  so sweet and nice. What about you princess?" Justin said, looking at me. "To be honest I just thought you were a celebrity that was cute. But as I got to know you, you were perfect; everything I want in a boyfriend." I said smiling. "Okay, next question is When did you know you were first in love?" Jack asked. 


"When we had our first fight. Thats when I realized I love him." I said, smiling. I looked up at Justin and he smiled and said, "I knew I loved you when I laid eyes on you dancing..." I blushed and Jack said, "Thats sweet! Next question is What's your favorite thing about each other?" "I love how she dances, her body and over all her personality." Justin said as he grinned. "I love his voice, like when he sings, his body and his personality." I said, looking in his eyes. "Well seems like you like each other for the right reasons!" Jack said, going on to the next card. "Yup." Justin said, kissing my cheek. "Okay next question is What does each other's kiss taste like?" He asks. I blush and look down. "She tastes like sorta a fruity taste and her lips are big and plump." Justin said staring at my lips. "Well, he tastes like minty, peppermint. Also his lips are soooo soft." I said, looking at his. Justin leaned in and lightly pecked my lips. 


The crowd awed and clapped. "Okay another question is and were gonna get a little personal, Have you too had sex yet?" Jack asked wiggling his eyebrows. I looked at Justin and he looked down and blushed. "Ummmm... Who comes up with these questions?" Justin chuckled nervously, running his hand through his hair. "Your beliebers." Jack said, chuckling. "Darn you guys. Just joking I love you!" Justin said at the camera. "So do you guys?" Jack asked again. Justin looked at me and I nodded. "Yes. Yes we have." Justin said a deep blush coming on his face. I started to blush too and the crowd oooed. "Okay, okay. Last question is favorite asset.... In the bedroom?" Jack said, smirking. "Oh that's easy! Her but!" Justin smiled wrapping his arm under me so he was touching my ass. I giggled and said, "Ummm... His abs. I mean there so lickable. Right?" I ask the crowd. They went wild and started to clap. "Okay that all for today. Up next is Kerry Washington!" Jack said. 


Justin and I walked back stage and Scooter said, "Okay your next interview was cancelled so you guys have about 4 hours to do what you want. I will drop you off at the tour bus. Meet me at my bus at 11:30." Me and Justin nodded, and got in the car. Soon we were at the tour bus and Justin and I walked onto our bus. 


"Hey Justin and Keiaira! I watched your interview!" Chaz said, walking into the living room. Justin sat on the couch and I straddled his lap. "Oh yeah? Were ya amused?" Justin asked resting his hands on my ass. I nuzzled my head in his neck and lightly pecked his neck. "No. I knew everything you guys talked about." He said sitting down next to us. I lifted my head and kissed Justin on the lips. He pulled me in closer, not breaking the kiss. I started to take off his vest when we heard Chaz say, "You guys are like fucking Jack Rabbits!" To get him more pissed, I started to thrust my body on Justin's, and he broke the kiss and moaned, "Damn baby..." "Are you guys gonna fuck in front of me?" Chaz asked. "M-m-m-maybe..." Justin moaned. I looked at Chaz and saw he was gaining a boner, fast. Well, fuck. Haha. I got to fucking horny ass teenage boys, what am I going to do? 


"Justin, baby, wanna go in the room?" I ask him stopping, thrusting. "No. Stay out here. I wanna witness this..." Chaz said, unbuckling his belt and trying to take down his pants. Justin looked at Chaz and looked at me. "Do you mind if we stay out here?" Justin asked me. "Ummm... I guess not, as long as your fine with your best friend watching us fuck..." I said, running my finger down his body. "He's seen me fuck someone before, so I don't care but Chaz please don't touch Keiaira or try to join cause you will fucking die." Justin said, looking at Chaz. "I know, I know. Now fuck already!" Chaz said, pulling down his boxers.


I saw Chaz's member spring out and I gasped, then cover my eyes. Justin turned my head towards his and removed my hands and I saw him shirtless. He started to take off my shirt and soon it was off. I was a little shy cause I have never fucked in front of anyone. "Baby, don't be shy... Just act like hes not here..." Justin said taking my hat off and throwing it. I nodded and got off his lap. I took off my shoes and slowly pulled down my pants, teasing him. My pants were off and I heard Chaz jerking off. I looked at Justin and he had his boxers off too. I started to give Justin a lap dance, and both he and Chaz moaned like crazy. Justin reached around and touch my pussy. He started to rub me through my underwear, making me moan. I turned around and pushed Justin down on the couch. He unclipped my bra and my breast's fell in front of his face. "Fuck, this is so hot." I heard Chaz moan. I looked over and saw he was sitting on the floor, jerking off and staring intently at me. 


I turned my attention back on Justin and he was looking at Chaz too. "Babe..." I said. Justin looked back at me and said, "He's fine." I nodded and started to kiss him roughly. Justin grabbed my underwear and pulled them down. I started to ride him and he grabbed my ass and said, "Damn baby..." "You like that?" I ask, pulling at his hair. "Fuck yeah..." He moaned thrusting harder. He flipped us over so he was on top and he started to thrust really hard, hitting my g-spot every time. "Damn, baby... I'm almost there..." I moaned. "Hold it. I'm close..." He yelled. I felt his dick twitch and I cummed while he cummed. He pulled out and fell on top of me.


We were both breathing heavy when we heard Chaz say, "Holy fuck. That was fucking hot!" We looked over and saw him pulling up his boxers. "Do not tell any fucking one about this. Do you hear me?" Justin basically growled at him. "Yeah, yeah. I know. We should do this again." He said looking at me. "No. This was a one time deal. I shouldn't have let it happen in the first place." Justin said, looking at me. "Are you mad at me?" I ask, looking down. "No, never. I just should have  not let that happen." He said, tipping my head up. I nodded and pecked his lips. I slowly got up and grabbed my clothes. Justin did too and we walked past Chaz into our room. 


Chaz P.O.V:

Damn. That was so fucking hot. I wasn't even watching Justin, all I was looking at was Keiaira and her sexy ass body. I wanted her from day one. What Chaz wants Chaz gets. Keiaira is gonna be mine soon, you watch. 


Sorryyy! I have been rejecting this story but I'm back! 

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