Dance my heart away

Keiaira Hobbs is 18 and a dancer. She has been dancing since she could walk. She is looking for a good dance job and see the pefect opportunity when Justin Bieber is looking for a lead dancer! She takes a shot and makes it! What will happen when she starts to hang with the Bieber crew?


12. Fighting at Dinner

Keiaira P.O.V:

We were getting ready and I was getting dressed in this.

I put on nude lipstick and gold eye shadow. Then I did my hair like this, But my hair is light brown.

I walked out of the bathroom and saw Justin sitting in the bed wearing this.

I cleared my throat and he looked up and his eyes, gleamed with joy. "You look so nice baby!" He smiled. "Thank you. You look nice to!" I giggled we walked out and Ryan and Chaz were wearing Blue jeans, and plaid shirts. Ryan's was blue and Chaz's was pink. Ha. GAY! They were wearing black Supra's too. "Okay, go." Justin said. We walked out of the bus and saw everyone waiting for us. The first thing I saw when I walked out was Ashten in the most slutty outfit there was ever made. It was a low, low dress with all shear in the back that was very, very tight. Also she was wearing tons of makeup. We went in to the dinner place and Justin sat next to me when we got seated. Ashten was across from him and Katie was next to me. 


"So Justin, how do you like my outfit?" Ashten said, showcasing her so called boobs. Justin shrugged and said, "There's nothing to see." Everyone bust out laughing and Katie said, "I heard, you and Justin were dating. Don't worry I didn't tell Ashten." "Thanks, and how did you find out?' I asked. "I over heard when Alfredo and that chick got kick off. Wanna be friends?" She asked. I nodded and smiled. "Yes, there is something to see and you saw it last night, remember?" Ashten said with a smirk. I chocked on my water that I was drinking and everyone gasped. "Yup, that's right, me and Justin had sex last night. And I'm pregnant with his baby!" Ashten said, proudly. I bust out laughing and she stood up and said, "What? You find this amusing? I said, he is my baby's father!" "I find that funny, because all last night we were driving and we couldn't get off our buses even if we tried, so how could Justin get off his bus and go on your have sex, and get you pregnant?" I asked. 


Then everyone got it and bust out laughing. "Well-Umm...Tell them Justin! Tell me we had sex!" She yelled looking at Justin. Justin's eyes widened and said, "We totally did not have sex. I wouldn't have sex with you in a million years." We all continued to laugh when our waiter came, and we ordered our drinks. "Hey, I never fully introduced myself. I'm Spencer, a back up male dancer. Your Keiaira right?" Asked a black guy with dreads sitting next to Ashten, so he was in front of me. "Oh hello, I'm Keiaira nice to meet you Spencer." I said, politely. Then he took my hand and kissed it. I shivered and took my hand away. 


"So I was wondering if you wanna go on a date sometime. You know, get to know each other?" Spencer asked me. I felt Justin's hand grip hard on my thigh and breathing increase. "Umm... No thank you Spencer that was very kind, but I have a boyfriend." I said, which caused Justin to release his death hold on my leg and his breath became normal. "I'm sure he won't mind. He's not here right? Come on, just loosen up, Kei..." He said, looking in my eyes. "I said, no. Leave me alone. I'm very committed to him, no matter how far away he is, I will stay faithful." I said, starting to get mad. "No one likes a goody-goody. So I'll pick you up from your tour bus at 5 pm tomorrow for our date okay, sexy?" He asked. "Dude, she said no. Fucking respect that." Justin said, gripping my thigh, hard. "Hey, your not her so I suggest you let her decide." Spencer spat at Justin. "She did say her answer and she said no so leave her the fuck alone you nasty ass perv." Katie said, getting angry too. 


"Katie, you not fucking in this either!" Spencer yelled. "Yeah, but I am and I said no so if you show up to my tour bus I will call my boyfriend and he will beat your ass up." I yelled. "How is your boyfriend gonna come from Florida to here that quickly, huh? Haven't thought that through had ya?" Spencer smirked. "Maybe, hes already here..." I smiling. "What the fuck is that suppose to mean?" Spencer asked angry. "Can I have everyone's attention?" I asked standing up. Everyone turned there head towards me. "Me and Justin Drew Bieber are madly in love and are dating!" I yelled. Everyone clapped and hooted but Ashten stood up and yelled, " NO! HE IS MY BOYFRIEND! I LOVE HIM AND HE LOVES ME!" Then she ran out of the restaurant with tears in her eyes. She is in one fucking fairy tale land, lettme tell ya. 


The waiter came back with our drinks and food and we ate, talking and getting to know each other. Katie and Kaylynn are super cool, along with Maryann. The other dude dancers other then Spencer are Travis, Dominick, Danny, and Jack. They are really cool too. We were getting back on our bus when Spencer stopped me and said, "If he doesn't pleasure you enough, just come on my bus. I'll be right there waiting." "Don't worry he pleasures me PLENTY." I walked into the bus and back into my bedroom and found Justin laying on the bed, with his belly on the mattress. I got changed into this.

I jumped on his back and he grunted, "Baby..." Then He got turned around so I was on top of him. He kissed me with so much passion I forgot we were in the real world. I pulled away and got off him so he could change. He simply slipped of his clothes so he was in his boxers and climbed into bed. I climbed into bed too, and he pulled me on top of him. I started to dry hump him and he moaned, "More baby, more..." I nodded and he put his hands inside my shorts. His warm fingers met my soaking pussy, and he softly caressed the outside, as I was waiting for him to plummet his fingers into me. When he did I cummed right away. "Ooo.. Some one was ready..." Justin chuckled. "Stop fucking around and do something daddy!" I demanded. 


"We are trying to sleep here! Shut the fuck up!" Chaz yelled from outside our door. Justin chuckled and pulled down his boxers and pulled down my shorts. Then he stuck this penis right up in there. Since I was on top I had to ride him, which I'm pretty good at. I jumped up and down, hearing his ball sack slap on to my ass. The bed was shaking and the head board was hitting the wall. "Uh... Ohhh..." Justin moaned. "Damn baby... Yeah... Right there..." I moaned. His hands landed on my ass and as I jumped pulled my hips forward, making every thrust hit my g-spot. "I'm cumming!" I yelled. "Me too!" Justin moaned. When we both hit our climaxes, Justin knocked out and so did I, with a smile on my face. 

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