Dance my heart away

Keiaira Hobbs is 18 and a dancer. She has been dancing since she could walk. She is looking for a good dance job and see the pefect opportunity when Justin Bieber is looking for a lead dancer! She takes a shot and makes it! What will happen when she starts to hang with the Bieber crew?


2. Dinner

Keiaira P.O.V:

I was getting ready for the dinner now and I had the perferct outfit. I got it out and put it on.

With my outfit I put on my black Supras. Gotta stay swaggy! I left my hair curly and added some makeup. 

It was 5:40 by the time I got done and I googled mapped how long it would take and it was 15 minutes so I decided to leave.


I got to the dinner place and got out of the car and walked in and the hostess asked, "Table for one?" "Umm, no I'm under the reservation of Scooter Braun." She nodded and took me to the table. Scooter,Pattie, Alfredo, Justin and Selena Gomez was already there. I looked around and chuckled, and said ,"Am I late?" They all laughed and Selena stood up and I fully saw her outfit. 

 "No we all just came early! Hi, I'm Selena. I heard you were Justin's new back up dancer?" Selena said smiling. I nodded and sat down next to Alfredo at the end of the table, in front of Justin. Selena sat down too and Justin was smiling at me, like a weirdo. I wonder what he was thinking?


Justin P.O.V:


As soon as Keiaira walked up, I lost my breath for a second. she was breathtaking in the short floral dress. And she wore Supras to stay swaggy! Wow. That's my type of girl. Selena can't be seen with me even buying Supras. Selena interduced herself and I can already tell she doesnt like her. She has a certain body movement when she doesnt like someone and I already saw it. This is gonna be a long tour, lettme tell you now. Keiaira gave me a weird look and thats when I realized I was smiling at her like a weirdo. I stopped and Alfredo asked her, "So, Keiaira your, mexican thats cool. So am I. Can you speak fluently?" "Duh! Yo vivo con mi mamá que es mexicano. Ella hablatodos los días , Alfredo." She smiled. All I understood was duh.


"I can speak spainsh too! ¡Hola." Selena yelled. Everyone looked at her sudden outbrust and I whispered in her ear, "What the hell?" "Everyones paying attention to her! It should me..." Selena spat in my ear. I looked at Keiaira and she heard what Selena said and looked down. This needy bitch. "Selena, just stop. You don't always need all the attention." I whispered. Then noticed Alfredo was whispering in Keiaira's ear. She giggled, and looked down. It almost looked like she was blushing. I felt a pang of jealously rush through my body. Then the waiter came to order our foods.


Keiaira P.O.V:


When Justin and Selena were having their little convo, I heard Selena say "Everyones paying attention to her!" I put my head down. I shouldnt be here. Then Alfredo whispered in my ear, "Shes a big bitch dont worry about her. You are much more beautiful then her, in my opinion. I would choose you over her any day." I giggled and looked down blushing a slight pink. The our waiter came and we ordered our food. "I'm gonna us the bathroom.." Justin said getting up and I got to get a good look at his out fit. 

As soon as he was gone Selena looked at me and said, "You little attention Whore. You think you can take all the attention away from me, and take Justin while your at it. Well,you can't. He doesnt even want your ugly ass." I looked surprised and so did everyone else. I coughed and responded, "I don't think, I'm an attention whore. I'm only here because I was invited. I dont like attention on me actually. I'm only here for the tour. Also I don't like Justin either. He is sorta like a boss to me. So I wouldn't just assume things that you don't know for sure." Everyone looked at me and smiled. I'm quite mature for my age. Maybe more mature then a 20 year old. She glared at me and Alfredo wrapped his arm around my shoulders and whispered in my ear, "Your so mature! I thought you were gonna go all crazy on her." I smiled and whispered back, "I can be ghetto latino chick when I wanna be." He chuckled and kissed my cheek. I blushed and Justin came back and sat down, and then the food came and we ate. 


After we ate, we talked for a while and I learned alot about the Bieber crew. Especially Ms. Gomez. She is the fakest bitch out there. Pattie is sweet and caring. Scooter is protective and funny. Justin is weird and I guess a little cute, but Alfredo is way cute, possiably sexy, way funny, and his smile is to-die-for. 


"Hey Keiaira can I have your number?" Alfredo asked, blushing slightly. I nodded and asked, "Can I have yours Fredo?" He nodded and we switched phones added our numbers. I looked at the time and said, "I gotta go guys. I will see you all later... which will be when Scooter?" "This friday. We are practicing for tour, and leaving for tour next week." I nodded, and he added, "I will text you." I gave him a thumbs up and walked away from the table.


Alfredo P.O.V:

Keiaira is crazy beauitful. I know Justin likes her but he is with Selena and he wouldnt dare cheat on any girl even if he is unhappy. So I'm gonna make a move... 

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