Dance my heart away

Keiaira Hobbs is 18 and a dancer. She has been dancing since she could walk. She is looking for a good dance job and see the pefect opportunity when Justin Bieber is looking for a lead dancer! She takes a shot and makes it! What will happen when she starts to hang with the Bieber crew?


8. Date with Justin


Keiaira P.O.V:

Sitting at home and waiting for someone to text you is not wassup. It was 4 pm and Justin still hasnt texted me yet. Maybe he forgot... Should I text him and ask if he remembered? Nahh. I'll wait, he might be busy. He might be- Then my thoughts got interuppted by the buzzing of my phone. I jumped up from the couch and ran to table, where it was sitting. It was a text from Justin!


From: Good fuck (Justin) 

Hey babe, sorry for texting you so late :( I couldn't keep you off my mind all day.. I had to go to studio, I'm gonna pick you up for dinner at 5. Dress fancy.. :) Bye beautiful.. 


I smiled ran up stairs to get ready. I hopped in the shower. After my shower I dryed myself off and blow dryed my hair. Then left my hair as its natural curly. I walked out of my bathroom and into my closet. It took forver to find, but I found it. 

Then I went tomy makeup desk and put on this lipstick and made a smoky eye. 

As I slipped on my right heel, I heard a knocking on the door. I walked down the stairs, and opened the door to Justin, looking sexy.

He looked at me and smiled. "You look so stunning, Keiaira." He said sticking his hand out for me. I blushed and said, "You don't look so bad yourself, Mr. Bieber." I put my hand in his and walked out the door, with it locked behind me. We slipped in his car, and I asked, "Where are we going for dinner?" "Theys for me to know, and you to find out..." He responded cheeckly. I smiled and soon we were off.


When we were at the restaurant, Justin got out and went over to my side and opened the door. I grabbed his hand as the paparazzi swarmed around us. 




We made our way inside the restaurant and got seated. It was awkward silence for a while until Justin broke it, "Don't believe any thing they say, I did see Selena but just to-" "Justin, I'm not dating you. You don't have to tell me who you hang out with and why. Honestly I'm fine." I said looking at my menu. Okay I wasn't. I was mad jealous. But again, he's not my boyfriend, so I cant say shit. He nodded and looked at his menu. 


We ordered and we were waiting for our food. "So Keiaira, you are a really talented dancer, you know that?" Justin said grabbing my hand, from the table. I smiled and responded, "Well, I have been dancing since I could walk... You not so bad yourself, sexy." He blushed and said, "Don't think you can get away with call me sexy and not getting called something back, princess." I hid my face in my hands. "Don't do that baby, I wont be able to see you beautiful face, darling." Justin said, pushing my hands off my face. 


"Okay fine, enough talk about me though... You know you have the most angelic voice ever?" I asked, tipping my head to the side. "I've heard that before... But you have the most sexy body ever. I mean Selena's body isn't even close to how heavenly you body is.." He answered looked up and down my upper body. He licked his lips, then I felt a hand on my knee. I shivered and said, "Again, how did this talk become turned on me?" He chuckled and removed his hand. I frowned at my cold knee again. "Did you know you have the most lickable abs?" I asked, getting out of my seat. I walked around the table, and sat on his lap. "Huh? Is that true? How do you know that?" He asked smirking, knowing what I'm about to say. "From experience baby." I kissed up his neck brushed my lips against  his ever so lighly. I felt him shiver and then the waiter came back with our food. "We will continue this at my house..." Justin whispered in my ear as I slipped off him. 


We ate our food and chated getting to know eachother. "Oh my god, I'm stuffed, Jay!" I exclaimed, rubbing my stomach. He chuckled and said, "Me too wanna head to my house?" I smirked and said, "Yeah..." Justin paid, even though I said I could pay have but he didnt want me too. As we walked out the restaurant the paparazzi came at us again...




Once we got to Justin's house, I pushed him on his couch and said, "I'll make you feel like a man today.." He winked and I started to roughly kiss him. I straddled him and grinded my wet pussy on his growing dick. His breathing was heavy. I turned around so my ass was to his face and I started to grind that way. He grunted and he rested his hands on my hips. 


"WHAT THE FUCK, JUSTIN AND KEIAIRA?" We both stopped what we were doing and looked over to see Scooter with a more that angry face. I climbed off Justin and sat on the far end of the couch. "Scooter, I can explain..." Justin pleaded. "You can explain my ass. Justin she is a dancer! You are NOT be have sexual relationships with crew members, and you know that. Keaira I'm very disapointed in you. I thought that was just common sence, but I guess you need to be told too. Justin is off limits. He is like your boss, up there with me and Pattie, so I suggest if you don't wanna get kicked off this tour I better not catch you and Justin doing any thing else, like that." 


"Scooter, you can't tell me who I can see and who I can't see, so let me tell you something. For the first time ever, I don't give one flying fuck. I like her. Fucking screw that I LOVE her. She understands me like no one else in this place, and I can't lose her over your stupid rules. I will continue to see her, continue to kiss her AND continue to fuck her senceless. She is the love of my life, and she might not feel the same but I love her, and I will never stop." Justin yelled. My heart flew when he said, he loved me. He loves me. He loves me. OH MY GOD, HE LOVES ME! And he doesn't care that our love is forbidden. He wants me just as much as I want him. 


"Justin, I'm happy that you are sticking up for what you believe in. You guys can see each other under one condition... You keep your relationship completely business in certain areas. While at practice, on stage, in front of cameras. Do you both understand?" Scooter asked looking at us. We nodded and Scooter said, "Any ways, I came to give Justin his new c-d of his new song. I got to go. Bye guys." We nodded and Scooter left. 


"So you wanna hear my new song?" He asked me. I smiled and said, "Sure..." Justin walked up stairs and came back with a guitar  in his hand. Then he sat down and said, "This song is about you beautiful. I love you..." Then he started to strum...


Oh oh, just as sure as the stars in the sky
I need you to show me the light
Not just for the meanwhile, for a long long time
Better believe it

As soon as the song was over I had tears in my eyes. He set teh guitar down and opened his arms. I ran into them and he pulled me onto his lap. "I love you, Keiaira." I smiled and said, "I love you Justin." Then my phone buzzed with a text...

From: Mom

Come home! NOW!

Oh-no. My mom is angry that is never good. "Justin, I gotta go home. My mom is mad at me. Can you drive me home baby?" He nodded and we slipped on our shoes and got out of the door. When we got to my house I took off my seat belt and turned to Justin, "I will talk to you later, okay?" He nodded and I hoped out and ran inside. 

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