Dance my heart away

Keiaira Hobbs is 18 and a dancer. She has been dancing since she could walk. She is looking for a good dance job and see the pefect opportunity when Justin Bieber is looking for a lead dancer! She takes a shot and makes it! What will happen when she starts to hang with the Bieber crew?


10. Chill day...

Keiaira P.O.V:

I woke up with warm arms around my body. I sat up and I looked over at Justin. I really wish he was my boyfriend. I mean we already act like a couple so I don't see why not. But he might not feel the same. Maybe he is just trying to mess with me. I really don't know. I got out of the bed and changed in this.

The bus was still moving so I think we weren't gonna stop soon. "Babe, why up so early?" Justin asked snapping me out of my thoughts. I turned around to see him sitting up in the bed with bedhead and no shirt on. I smiled and said, "It's 9:45, its not that early daddy." She smiled and got out of bed and walked towards his closet and pulled out his outfit and dressed in this.

"Were having a chill day today, before tour starts so we don't need to dress to impress." He smiled. He turned around and bent down to pick up sock to ware, and as he was coming up I jumped on his back. "Ahhh! Baby? What the hell?" He asked, gripping in to my legs so I don't fall. "I want a piggy back ride." I said giving him a puppy dog face. "Okay..." He responded. We walked back into the room and he sat on the bed making me sit on the bed, and he put on his socks. Then he got back up with me in his back. I kissed the back of his neck and smelled his Axe cologne. I thrusted my hips one time against his back and I felt his whole body tighten. "Daddy, why so stiff?" I whispered in his ear, as my tongue rolled around his ear. "Umm... I'm not sti-ff-fff..." He murmured.


"What are you too doing?" Chaz asked, walking into our room. "Chaz, have you ever heard of knocking?" Justin asked, as his body went back to normal. "You never made me knock when you were with Selena?" Chaz asked. "Well, Keiaira is different then Selena... So learn to knock." Justin said. "Oh, I get it. You and Selena never fucked when ever so it was fine if I just came in. But since you have Keiaira, I have to knock because you might be having sex. Am I right?" Chaz smirked. "Correct." Justin said. I blushed and nuzzled my head into his neck. "But you guys aren't dating, and even when you were dating Selena you didn't have as much sex with her as you have with Keiaira?" Chaz asked. "Chaz, just mind your own damn business..." Justin grunted. "Oh! You guys are friends with benefits! I totally get it. Okay you do you Justin." Chaz said. "CHAZ! SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE!" Justin yelled, His body stiffening with ever single word. "I'm going, I'm going, god." Chaz said. Then I heard the door shut.


I sighed and Jumped off Justin's back onto the bed. "Babe-" "No, It's fine. I now know what I'm to you..." I sighed,  tears threatening to spill. He will not see you cry, he will not see you cry. "Please just let me explain. Okay?" He asked. I sat up, nodded and he got on one knee and said, 


"When I saw you at that audition, I-I-I didn't know what to think. The way your body moved, it was so graceful. Your smile, the way you winked at me. When you came up to our table with that confused look on your gorgeous face and asked where every one was, I was beyond myself with such gorgeousness that god has sent me. You have my style, and I love how mature you are. I love how you can be so caring and nice but at the same time beat a girls ass if you need too. You made me forget about Selena when I was with you. Funny thing was when I hugged you at the audition I was about to squeeze your ass when Alfredo reminded me of Selena, but she's nothing, nothing compared to you. I love how you can speak two languages and how your not an attention whore. I love you. Lets face it, Keiaira Johanna Hobbs had Justin Drew Bieber under a unconditional love spell that will NEVER stop. So  Keiaira Johanna Hobbs, will you take the honor of being my girlfriend?" 


I didn't realize I was crying until I felt a salty tear roll down my face onto my lip. "Yes." I whispered. "What I can't here you?" He smirked. "You heard me you ass, I said YES." I yelled. He got up from the floor and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he spun me around. "I love you, girlfriend." He said. "I love you boyfriend." I said. Then he passionately kissed my lips. 




"Come in Chaz..." I laughed. The door bust open and there stood Ryan, with a smirk on his face. "Damn, Justin you are a softy!" He laughed. "Hey! But he's my softy now..." I said. I kissed his lips and pulled away when Chaz appeared. "Hey, I haven't seen Alfredo the whole trip. Where is he?" I asked, looking at the three. "Oh, he won't come out of his room. I heard moaning, but I don't know." Chaz chuckled. Ahhh. So Alfredo happens to be sooo sad that he doesn't have me that he happens to be having sex right now. Huh. "Babe, wanna go out in the living room?" I nodded and we walked out hand in hand. 


"What movie do you wanna watch?" Chaz asked us. "How about, The Ring?" Justin asked. "Babe, You know I hate scary movies...." I sighed. He pulled me on his lap and said, "I will protect you when your scared..." I sighed, again and said, "Fine but only cause I looooove you so damn much, plus you just gave me the most heart warming speech ever." Hi smiled and said, "I can be tough too!" "I'm sure you can..." Chaz chuckled. "No I'm serious." Justin said, with a serious look. "Okay, whatever Mr. Softy." Ryan chuckled. "You know what fuck the movie, I say we wrestle. See who's really tough." Justin said, throwing the remote. "I'm down." "Lets do this." "Babe, I don't want no one getting hurt." I said, putting all my weight on him. "No one will get hurt, I promise." He said, looking in my eyes. I smirked and said, "Okay I'm down." "What the fuck are you talking about? We can't fight you! Your a girl, I wouldn't want you to break a nail." Chaz laughed. "Haha, very sexist you pig but I bet I could beat your ass with in 5 minutes." I said, complete seriousness.


"Fine, lets go. But if I hurt you. I'm sorry in advance." Chaz said, getting up and putting his fists up. I got off of Justin's lap, but Justin's arm sat me back down, "Babe, I really don't want you to get hurt." "Shut the fuck up and watch me beat up your fucking friend." I got up and said, "Ryan, time us." "Okay ready fight!" Chaz swung but I ducked and came up and punched him square in the face then I kicked him in the shin and he fell to the floor. I punched him in the face again making his nose bleed. "Aww, are you hurt little Chazzy?" I asked coming close to his face. "You beat in his ass in three minutes. Good job Keiaira!" Ryan yelled. Justin came behind me and said, "How did you learn to do that?" I stood up and said, "My dad, before he left. He told me that if I really wanna beat someones ass then just do it." I turned around and Justin said, "Remind me not to ever get in a fight with you." I chuckled and finally we heard Alfredo's door open and close.


We all stood up and waited for him to come out. He came out with the same blonde at the club. "Everyone meet Kasey, Kasey meet Ryan, Chaz, Justin and Keiaira." Alfredo said introducing us.I smiled and waved. She glared at me and waved at the boys with a flirty wink.  I swear to fucking god this chick will be the death of me. They waved back not really interested. Justin grabbed my waist and pulled me in and said, "Me and Keiaira are dating now, Fredo." I smiled and kissed his cheek. "That's cool..." Alfredo mumbled. He walked in the kitchen and Kasey followed, and while walking into the kitchen she bumped into me. 


"Fucking blondes I swear..." I mumbled. Justin chuckled and rubbed his hand down my back to my ass. His hand rested there for a minute then he turned in front of me, and took his other hand and rested it on my ass. "Kiss me." He mumbled. I smirked and kissed him with full force. My tongue danced with his as he glided his tongue around my bottom lip. I never get rid of his lips. The sweet minty tit his tongue gives off drives me insane. I took my hands and put them on his neck. "Okay, that's enough, Romeo and Juliet." Chaz said. We didn't pull apart instead Justin deepened in the kiss and I jumped on him. His hand went from my but to my hair and he twirled my light brown curly ringlets in his fingers. "Were leaving." Ryan and Chaz said. Then we heard feet walking away. I removed my lips from his and whispered in his ear, "Do you think Alfredo just brought her to make me jealous?" "Honestly, yeah." He chuckled. 


I jumped off him and walked over to the kitchen to hear Alfredo and Kasey talking. "Kasey, I swear I don't like her anymore!" Alfredo exclaimed. "Then why did you scream her name during sex?" Kasey yelled. "We have a deal. Your here for the whole tour, to make Justin cheat NOT to fall in love with me so if you want 2,000 dollars you get you slutty self out there and make Justin cheat." Alfredo said. 


I gasped and so did Justin. I all of a sudden got light headed. The world began to spin, and then it went black. 

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