Dance my heart away

Keiaira Hobbs is 18 and a dancer. She has been dancing since she could walk. She is looking for a good dance job and see the pefect opportunity when Justin Bieber is looking for a lead dancer! She takes a shot and makes it! What will happen when she starts to hang with the Bieber crew?


1. Audition

Keiaira P.O.V:

"Wake up Kei! Its the day!!" My mom screamed in my ear. I lazyly got up from my bed looking like a zombie and went to the bath room to take a shower. After my shower I got dressed in this 


Then I put my hair in its natural form 


You see, I'm auditioning for Justin Biebers Believe tour today. His lead dancer is out and I feel like I actually have a chance today. I skipped down the stairs with my gold Iphone 5S in my hand and waterbottle. 


"Oh, Dios mío, baby! Te ves bien!" My mom said setting a plate of warm eggs in front of me. "Gracias mami." I responded. I ate my eggs then said, "I got to go mom, I'll see you after the audition." I walked out the door and got in my Red Mini Cooper. Soon I was at the auditions. I walked inside the big room and got my number, 14. My lucky number. Does that mean anything? I started to strech and do warm ups to the song, Beauty and a Beat. Then I heard a bunch of girls scream as he walked in the room. He was wereing grey sweats, a black V-neck, a grey snapback  and purple Supras. As I was going through my routine and I caught him staring at me. I winked at him and continued dancing my heart out. 


Justin P.O.V:

As I walked in the building more then 100 girls blocked my entrance. What can I say? I'm Justin Bieber! As soon as I got out of the crowd I sat at the table with Alfredo, Scooter and My mom. I was watching the dancers and most of them were average, like my other dancers. I needed someone spectaular, someone that was amazing. My eyes kept scanning the crowd until they met her. She was beautiful, not to mention was a amazing dancer. Her curly light brown hair bouncing as she moved her body to my song. She also has a very swaggy style, my type of girl. Her body was like a temple. Perfect curves in the right places, and a nice ass. 


She caught me staring and winked. I blushed and looked at my crew and they were staring at me too. "What?" I asked. "Dude, you were looking at her for like 5 minutes. What chu think?" Afredo asked. "I like her, she has my style and is crazy good dancer..." I said licking my lips. "Yeah and she looks old enough. Half of the girls over here are like under 17." My mom said. "Well wanna anounce?" Scooter asked. I nodded and Scoot took the micophone and said, "Attention ladys! we have choosen our lead dancer for tour. Will number 14 please come and talk to us.. Thank you. You all did a very good job." 


I looked at number 14 and she kept dancing as her life depended on it. She finished and saw everyone left and was confused. She walked up to the table and said, "Excuse me, but where is everyone?" Her voice was just as beautiful as her. "Well, umm... Number 14 you got picked, I guess you were too in your zone..." Scooter laughed. "Oh, I'm Keiaira Hobbs, and I guess I was. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I have been dancing my whole life." She said, as she stuck out her hand. "How old are you sweetie? Also we need your phone number to contact you.." My mom asked, her. "I'm 18 Ma'am and my number is 123-456-7890." Keiaira said pulling her hand down awkwardly. My mom wrote down her number and stood up. I stood up and flashed my bieber smile and said, "Hey, I'm Justin." She giggled and said, "I know..." "I'm Alfredo Flores, Video and Photographer for Justin." Alfredo said shaking her hand. She shook my mom's and Scooters hand and when she came to me, I pushed her hand down and said, "I'm a hugger." Then I engulfed her in a bear hug. My hand was drifting down her back and Fredo mouthed to me, "Selena." I nodded and left my hand on her lower back. 


She pulled away and looked at the time. "I better get going, I told my mom I would be at home by 12:30 even if I made it." She smiled and started to walk off when Alfredo yelled, "Wait, whats your race?" She smiled and said, "Mexican and black." Then she gathered her stuff and walked out the door. "We should invite her to the dinner tonight!" I said, excited. They all turned to me and smirked. "Okay maybe she is a little cute." I shrugged it off. "Okay we will invite her Justin, but remember that Selena will be there." Scooter said pulling out his phone and texting her. 


Keiaira P.O.V:

I got in my driveway and ran in side to tell my mom the news. "Mamá, mamá! Lo hice! Yo soy la primera bailarina!" I yelled running into the kitchen. "Good job baby." My mother said in her thick spainsh accent. Then My phone vibrated in my hand, it was a text from an unknown number...


Hey Keiaira this is Scooter Braun we (mainly Justin) would like to invite you to our annual before tour dinner. It will be at this restaurant at 6 pm see you there!

I screamed and added Scooter as a contact. "Mom, can I go to dinner with the Bieber crew at 6?" I asked. "Yes, child be home before 1 am, please." I nodded and went up stairs to chill. 

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