Dance my heart away

Keiaira Hobbs is 18 and a dancer. She has been dancing since she could walk. She is looking for a good dance job and see the pefect opportunity when Justin Bieber is looking for a lead dancer! She takes a shot and makes it! What will happen when she starts to hang with the Bieber crew?


13. All day practice

Justin P.O.V:

I woke up and Keiaira wasn't on top of me anymore. "Kei?" I yelled. I looked at the clock and it said, 9:23 AM. I got up and slipped on my boxers. I walked into my closet to find a practice outfit and I did.

Then I felt arms wrap around my waist and lips fall on my cheek I turned around to see Keiaira wearing this.

"Remember we have practice all day baby!" I said. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I spun her around and around. I dropped her and we walked out of our bedroom and out of the bus. We were parked in the arena parking lot so we walked into the arena. When we got out to where we were practicing everyone was already stretching. I let go of Keiaira's hand so I could go in the front of the group and direct practice. 


"Okay, so we have our first show tomorrow. We need to practice like this is the real thing, okay?" I asked. Everyone yelled and we started to count through All Around the World. I stopped and was watching all the dancers to make sure there on count and doing good. Katie, Kaylynn, and Maryann looked fine. All the guys did too. But Ashten was messing up almost every move. She was popping her chest and but to much and was trying to out do Keiaira. On the other hand Keiaira was hitting them perfectly and her body moved beautifully. "STOP THE MUSIC!" I yelled. The music stopped and I added, "I'm gonna have to dancers come up in the front to show what you guys need to be doing because some of you aren't getting it. So Keiaira and Katie come up here and show them how its done."  They walked up to the front but Ashten pulled Keiaira back.


"This is sooooo unfair, you are picking her over any one else because shes your girlfriend. How come you didn't pick any guys, hmm?" Ashten asked. "Okay, fine, babe sit down. Jack come up here with Katie." I laughed. Keiaira nodded and sat with Kaylynn. The music started and they danced showing the group how its suppose to be done. "Okay Katie and Jack take a break and everyone else, do it over and actually try." I shouted, mostly looking at Ashten. Everyone got up and we went over the music again. Ashten this time was doing worse, if that was possible. 


"Okay, everyone take a break, Ashten come up here and talk to me." I yelled. Ashten ran over to me and said, "Yes, babe?" "Listen, you need to fix your moves and your mouth." I said. "Fix my moves you mean this,"  She turned around and grinded what little thing she had behind on me, "And fix my mouth you mean this..." Then she smashed her lips on to mine. I heard a water bottle hit the floor and I pulled away to see Keiaira with pure anger on her face. "Babe... Wait!" I yelled. She ran off showing the middle finger at me. Then the other girls ran after her. 


Keiaira P.O.V:

I ran. I ran so far away that my feet started to hurt then I realized I was on Justin's bus. I grabbed my bag and packed it, until I heard Katie's voice, "Kei? It's just me!" I turned around and bust out crying. She ran to me and wrapped her arms around me. "Can I share a room with you?" I asked. She nodded and Kaylynn and Maryann came into the room. We sat and they helped me pack. Then we got my bags into the other bus and into Katies room. Then we walked back in the arena and everyone was practicing. Me and the girls got in the back, me trying not to be noticed by Justin. But unfortunately he did, he gave me a small smile but I flipped him in the middle of dancing. 


"We take the day off. You all are ready... Plus I need to talk to someone." He said, looking at me. Before He could come up to me I ran to my bag and pulled it up off the floor and ran out, and on my new bus and landed on my new bed. "Keiaira!" Katie yelled. "In here!" I yelled. She, her sister, and Maryann came in. They sat down next to me and I asked, "Why me? What did I do in order to get cheated on?" "He doesn't deserve you honey." Katie said, rubbing my back. I nodded and tears flowed out of my eyes and my phone buzzed.


From: Justin <3

Where are you? Where is your stuff? Please tell me you didn't leave the tour....


To:Justin <3

I didn't leave, but I'm not on that bus anymore. Were through.


I sighed and changed his contact to Ex. Then Ashten walked by the door and said, "Oh sorry about you and Justin. He clearly figured out you were nothing special. Don't worry you'll find another." "I will don't worry, Justin's all yours." I said. She smiled and said, "Like he was all along." Then she continued to walk. Me and the girls decided to prank call Justin and see what he was doing. We used Maryann's phone so he wouldn't think I was calling him to come running back. 


"Hello?" Justin asked, you could clearly hear the sadness and straining in his voice. I swallowed back my tears, and asked in a fake voice, "Hello, My name is Cheryl and I was calling because I'm doing a survey on couples, do you happen to be dating anyone?" "No, but I can talk about my last one, can I do that?" He asked. "Why yes, go ahead..." I said 


"Okay, well, My exes name is Keiaira. She is the most wonderful women I have ever met. I miss her bunches even though she is only like two buses away from me. She just broke up with me because a slutty girl, named Ashten kissed me and I pulled away she saw. She thinks that I kissed her and wanted it to happen when in reality, I wanted to punch Ashten in the face. My exes friends ran after her, and she moved all her stuff from my place to her friends. I'm so heartbroken, I'm listening to Taylor fucking Swift. I bet she is kissing a guy named Spencer right now. He was hitting on Keiaira during dinner and she was so committed to me, and what do I do to her? I kiss someone else. GOD! I'm such a bad boyfriend. She was perfect. Oh my god, I'm gonna cry," Then we heard sniffles and he continued, "Sorry about that Cheryl, anyways I miss her laugh, her smile, her style, her hair, her toothbrush, her hairbrush, the way she walks, the way she laughs, the way her face gets when she mad, the way she dances, the way she fights, the way she talks.... I miss my baby. Oh my god here come the tears again," I smiled and then he blew his nose and he continued, "Anyways, shes the best thing that ever happened to me. Oh and her sex is so good. I mean she is the the perfect, the way her body looked had me in a daze. If she wants sex, then she gets it because I can't say no. I just can't because who would wanna say no to someone who is so perfect in every way. Fucking god I miss her so much! She also speaks two languages which is a really big turn on for me. She can speak Spanish and English. I really miss her so much and I want her in my bed, in my arms, but no. I made a stupid mistake. If she could hear me right now she would call me pathetic but I'm pathetic for her. I told her when I asked her out that she has me under a unconditional love spell that will NEVER end and that is so true. I will always love her. I'm sorry I'm babbling did you get what you want Cheryl?"


"Yeah, Yeah, Thank you... Good bye." I said, then I hung up. I ran off the bus and ran into Justin's. I ran down the hall and to Justin's door. It was closed, so I knocked. "Go away Chaz and Ryan, I don't want anyone but Keiaira." He said. I walked in and there was Justin sitting his back towards me, he was still wearing his practice clothes and there was tissues all over the floor and sure enough Taylor Swift's, "The Story Of Us" was blasting. "I said, go away guys..." He said. 


"Oh really? You want me to leave?" I asked. He turned around so fast I thought he was gonna get whiplash. He ran up from the bed and picked me up using one hand he asked, smiling, "What made you come back?" "Well, I think Cheryl helped me understand...." I said smirking. "NO WAY! You know the women I was talking to?" He asked amazing. "You dumb ass, I was pretending to be her so I could know what your were thinking about me..." I said. "Oh. What I told you was true, baby. I missed you so much. NEVER leave me again, unless I really deserve it okay?" He asked. I nodded, and he said, "So were dating again?" "I want a proper, asking..." I laughed. "Fine, Keiaira Hobbs will you be my girlfriend?" Then he squeezed my ass and I moaned, "Yes.." I slipped down and got my stuff from Katies room and went onto Justin's bus again. I fell asleep with Justin's arm around me like it always should be. 

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