Dance my heart away

Keiaira Hobbs is 18 and a dancer. She has been dancing since she could walk. She is looking for a good dance job and see the pefect opportunity when Justin Bieber is looking for a lead dancer! She takes a shot and makes it! What will happen when she starts to hang with the Bieber crew?


7. After Practice...

Justin P.O.V:

"Alright, good job ladies and gentlemen! I will see you when tour starts!" I yelled. They grunted and went back to their dressing rooms, while Keiaira stayed on the stage going over the moves. I love how dedicated she is. I love how smart, and mature she is. I love... her. I shook my head at that thought. I can't love her.... yet. I have wait until she feels the same. She stopped dancing and started to strech. I watched as her body drenched in sweat flipped, and turned, as I watched like a hawk on its prey. She is too damn hot for me to handle. She bent down so her ass was facing me. Have you ever had that feeling where you just wanna ripping someones clothes off and fuck them senceless? I have that feeling now. I heard laughing behind me. 


I turned around and saw Ashten laughing. "So, she's who you like now?" She asked as she walked closer to me. Just then Keiaira turned around and blushed. I felt someone grab my ass and I turned around to see Ashten up close to me. I swatted her hand off and said, "Get your fucking disgusting hand off me." "You know you want me to touch you, rub you, fuck you..." She said loud enough for Keiaira to hear. Keiaira walked up to us and said, "I'm done with your fucking childish games. He obviously doesn't like your sluty ass. Leave him alone. You need to find someone that actually like you for your personality and yourself, not for your body. Believe me, you are talking to someone that use to do exactly what your doing. Please just be yourself, and a guy will like you." I stared at her in awe. She is everything I want in a girl. God sent me an angel, from heaven. 


"Ah, please, you know your still a whore. I bet by the end of tour you will have fucked every guy here, even Scooter." Ashten said walking around me and pushing Keiaira. Keiaira stumbled but caught her balance. She smirked and walked past Ashten up to me. Then she grabbed my face and smashed her lips on to mine. I dropped my mic and grabbed her ass. She jumped so her legs were around my waist. Her tougue was so sweet. She twisted my baby hairs, and started to grind on my body, making me feel weak. 


"SCOOTER! COME LOOK AT THIS!" Ashten yelled. Keiaira jumped off me and fixed herself. "What now Ashten?" Scooter asked walking up to us. "They were just making out! You gotta believe me!" Ashten excaimed. Scooter shook his head and walked off. I chuckled and Keiaira said, "You need to get over him. He doesn't like you. Just be yourself." Ashten sneered at us and walked away. 


"Did you just feel like kissing me beautiful?" I asked as soon as Ashten was fully away. "Maybe..." She smiled streching again but this time right in front of me. As she bent down her crop top went down low, showcasing her plump breasts. "You are such a perv..." She chuckled. "Only to you babe..." I responded licking my lips. She came back up and smirked, "Wanna practice Beauty and a Beat?" I grinned and nodded. We didn't need music, so I just started to sing and do the moves while she did too. 


When the body rock part came up, she jumped at my side and started to body rock on me. When the part was over she didnt stop and I didnt blame her, I feeling it too. She bent over and started to twerk. I pulled her body in close and grunted, even though she was doing all the work. I pulled her up and turned her around so she was facing me. "Kiss me sexy..." I whispered. She pushed her lips on mine and let my tougue play with hers. Then her leg wrapped around my waist. I unlocked my lips from hers and said, "Your so fucking sexy babe..." I looked down her body once more. 


Then we heard foot steps on stage and a voice, "Justin?" We both pulled apart to see, Alfredo standing their with an angry look. "I'll be back..." I said. I walked up to Fredo and he pushed me back. "What the fuck? I like her and you go and fuck and kiss her?" He yelled. I pushed him back and yelled, "I liked her before you. Your just mad you didnt get any!" Keiaira ran up to us and pulled me back. "STOP! You guys are acting like highschool guys. I really dont understand why you guys are fighting over me..." She yelled. I turned around and said, "You are worth any fight. You are my baby.. I like you alot Keiaira Hobbs." She blushed and I took her hand in mine. "Your gonna believe him?  Really?" Fredo asked. 


Keiaira pushed past me and pushed Alfredo while saying, "Yes. I do believe him, because he tells me how he feels, and at the club he actually paid attention to me. You just sat on your phone and had a stripper come over to pleasure you cause watching your best friend finger the one you supposedly liked was not enough, was it?" Fredo looked shocked, and got up and left. "Hey I was wondering if you wanna hang out tomorrow?" I asked her. She turned around and smiled, "Yeah, I would like that Justin..." "Okay, I'll text you babe." I said walking to my dressing room. She waved and nodded while walking to her dressing room. 

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