Frozen 2: after the storm

Arendele isn't frozen anymore, Anna has found love, but what about Elsa? Find out what I think should happen after frozen ends


3. Together Forever

Kristoff's POV

We arrived at the forest where the trolls lived. They were off scavenging for food, so Anna and I were alone. "Boo, where are they?" She asked.

"You know them. Always hungry."

"Well, why are we here then?"

"There's been something I need to ask you."

"You don't have to be scared Kristoff, we're practically brother and sister!"

Oh no. She just questioned everything in our relationship. Now should I ask? No. I'm a fool. I can't ask this question ever!

"Kristoff? Are you okay? You're sweating!"

I knelt down on one knee.

"Yes, I'm okay. Wow it's much cooler down here! I have planned this night for a long time. I love you Anna," I took her hands," I need to know. Will you marry me?" I let go and pulled the black box out of my pocket. I opened it to reveal a beautiful, or at least I thought so, ring with a heart shaped diamond in the middle, and purple stones on the sides.

"Kristoff! I would love to!" I kissed her passionately.

"Now let's go to the gala!" The trolls all ran out from their hiding in the woods and congratulated us as we went to the sled. We finally said goodbye, and off we went to the gala.

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